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Anytime, Anywhere – Online, Mobile & InFlight + Eurostar

Starting March 1st, our digital media will be on Cathay Pacific, ELAL & Eurostar High-Speed Rail, adding 12.5 million passengers to our audience traveling to key destinations: Hong Kong, Paris, London, Brussels, for more info please see Advertising on Eurostar.

We reach top leisure & business travelers with Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine, AirGuideOnline, AirGuideBusiness, and our AirGuideAirportsDestination Travel Guides & Apps are delivered to 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers, members of the Media. Millions of passengers in Airline Airport Lounges & Inflight Rail yearly traveling to over 100 destinations and staying at 800+ Hotels & Resorts, available on all available platforms.

Global Reach – Our media is available to passenger spending hours in airport lounges or flying in North America and in Europe and across the Atlantic to over 100 destinations.

  • 15 airlines
  • 3,5 million passengers monthly
  • 13,705 flights on 15 airlines monthly
  • 165 Cities and staying at 800+ hotels

Living In & Traveling To/From

  • USA & Canada 39%
  • Europe 38%
  • Asia & Pacific 19%
  • Middle East 4%

Traveling in

  • First Class  2%
  • Business Class 18%
  • Economy Plus Class 16%
  • Economy Class 65% or 81% combined Economy

Opening New Markets for Your Brand around the Globe

AirGuide Travel Network is one of the fastest growing digital media platforms, available before, during and after travel. Available inflight and on the ground anywhere on Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops.

  • 94% of passengers travel with their electronic devices
  • 76% travel with their smartphone
  • 80% wish to stay connected and receive travel offers on the road
  • 91% book flights, 82% book hotels, 59% book car rental online
  • Most travelers spend almost 2 hours on the inflight entertainment
  • 75% of major airlines are investing in WiFi technology inflight

Reach a Captive Audience of Affluent Global Spenders

  • Purpose of travel: 73% for business
  • Median household net worth:$409K
  • Passengers aged 25-54
  • Average household income: 57% $200K+
  • Over 80% spend on fine dining, jewelry & watches and designer fashion
  • Own a 2nd residence: 31.3%

Advertising Inflight & Airports + Hotels + Rail

Airlines & Airport Lounges: Austrian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, El Al Israel Airlines, Eurowings, flyDubai, Lufthansa, Neos Airlines, Oman Air, Qantas, Swiss International, Thomas Cook Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia.
Rail: Eurostar High-Speed Rail
Hotels & Resorts: Accor, Mandarin Oriental, Steigenberger, Radisson Blu, Le Meridien, Loews, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Kempinski, Shangri-La.
Cruise Lines: MSC Cruises, Seabourn.
Other: 8,000+ HotSpots in libraries, cafés, corporate offices around the world in 100 countries.

Reach a Captive Audience of Affluent Global Spenders: