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We reach top leisure & business travelers with Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine, AirGuideOnline, AirGuideBusinessand our AirGuideAirports – Destination Travel Guides & Apps are delivered to 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers, members of the Media and millions of passengers in lounges + inflight yearly traveling to over 100 destinations and staying at 800+ Hotels & Resorts available on all available platforms.

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Subscribers Circulation & Distribution
Average Paid & Qualified (rounded numbers)

AirGuide Travel B2C Network604,456
Business Travelers89,797
Leisure Traveler33,212
Airline Passengers215,89
Hotel Travelers134,931
Cruise Travelers53,973
Finance Holding & Investment Offices25,492
Finance Security & Commodity Brokers40,367
Cafes, Libraries & Universities10,795
AirGuideBusiness B2B Network474,886
B2B Air Transport & Aviation130,852
Aircraft Manufacturers & Suppliers31,015
Airlines & Suppliers43,513
Airports & Aviation Services34,453
Associations – Airline, Aviation & Travel16,41
Business & General Aviation3,831
Government & Military1,63
B2B Travel Trade & Industry208,982
Government & Tourism Boards8,545
Travel Business16,223
Cruise Lines9,011
Car Rental1,368
Rail & Road448
Hotel & Resorts34,233
Travel Meeting & Incentive34,812
Travel Agencies & Tour Operators104,342
B2B Business & Finance135,052
Business & Industry EIN69,193
Finance, Investment & Real Estate65,859
AirGuide Travel B2C+B2B Network1,079,342

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