B2Media Network

We reach top leisure & business travelers with Frequent Flyer Magazine, AirGuideOnlineAirGuideBusinessand our AirGuideAirports – Destination Travel Guides & Apps are delivered to 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers, members of the Media and to over 19 million though our inflight and syndication network in more than 100 countries in 20+ languages, on all available platforms.

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Subscribers Circulation & Distribution

Advertising Agencies 3,726
Public Relations Agencies 10,014
Magazines Business & Trade 5,000
Magazines Consumer 9,000
Newspapers 14,000
Online 6,000
Radio 8,000
Travel Journalists 17,513
TV Cable & Broadcast 9,000
USAsian Media & Associations 2,000
B2Media Total Reach 84,253

Plus over 350,000 journalists and 275,000 bloggers though our syndication network in more than 100 countries.

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