Aeroplan Members to earn thousands of miles on hotel bookings in Canada

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Rocketmiles announced it has entered into an agreement with Aeroplan. This agreement will enable Aeroplan Members to earn thousands of Aeroplan Miles on hotel bookings in Canada and throughout the world. Starting February 3rd , Aeroplan Members can earn up to 5,000 Aeroplan Miles for each hotel night booked. Rocketmiles features premium hand-picked hotels in hotspots around the globe.

Rocketmiles is a travel booking site that helps consumers get on vacation faster through a new class of miles incentives. By booking hotels on the Rocketmiles site, customers typically earn 7,000 airline miles per booking, or about 10-20x the typical incentive.

Meanwhile, hotel partners are highly motivated to partner with Rocketmiles because it is a unique vehicle to reach premium customers without using visible discounting schemes on deal sites, which can weaken their brand and pricing strategy.

“For 25 million people worldwide, loyalty programs enable that winter break to San Juan or personal adventure to New Zealand . Our goal is to make that vacation happen faster,” said Jay Hoffmann , CEO of Rocketmiles and former executive at United Mileage Plus and Groupon. “Based on our proprietary data, we know the average traveler stands to earn in excess of 80,000 extra miles per year if they use Rocketmiles for their hotel bookings.”

As a special launch promotion for Aeroplan Members, first time Rocketmiles users will get an additional 3,000 bonus Miles until April 6, 2014 , on top of the thousands of regular reservation miles earned. Visit

Rocketmiles launched in 2013 to allow frequent fliers to earn previously unheard of quantities of loyalty program miles and points when booking rooms at high-quality hotels. For consumers, Rocketmiles makes saving up for incredible vacations faster and easier. For hotels, Rocketmiles means being able to offer high-value customers inventory that would have otherwise gone unsold — without weakening the brand through public discounting. Based in Chicago and Boston , and backed by top-tier strategic venture firms, the company is founded by travel and loyalty veterans Jay Hoffmann , Bjorn Larsen , and Kris Helenek . and follow on Twitter @rocketmiles