AirlineAircraft ModelService / RangePitch inchescmWidth inchescmRecline deg
US AIRWAYSA330-300Long Haul9423920.552180
AMERICAN AIRLINES777-200Long Haul International781982153180
UNITED AIRLINES747-400Long Haul781983179180
UNITED AIRLINES767-300ERLong Haul International781983179180
UNITED AIRLINES777-200Long Haul International7819821.555180
UNITED AIRLINES777-200Long Haul International781982256180
UNITED AIRLINES777-200ERLong Haul International781982256180
UNITED AIRLINES777-200ERLong Haul International7819821.555180
UNITED AIRLINES777-200ERLong Haul International7819821.555180
UNITED AIRLINES757-200Long Haul International6817321.55527
AMERICAN AIRLINES767-200ERLong Haul Domestic62157205160
UNITED AIRLINES767-400ERLong Haul551402153156
UNITED AIRLINES767-400ERLong Haul551402153156
UNITED AIRLINES767-400ERLong Haul551402153156
VIRGIN AMERICAA319-100Short & Medium Haul55140215360
VIRGIN AMERICAA320-200Short & Medium Haul55140215360
AMERICAN AIRLINES737-800Short & Medium Haul40102215345
AMERICAN AIRLINES737-800Short & Medium Haul40102215345
DELTA AIR LINESA319-100Charter4010219.55025
DELTA AIR LINES767-300Long Haul Domestic40102194842
AMERICAN AIRLINES757-200Short & Medium Haul3999215342
AMERICAN AIRLINESMD-82Short Haul399919.55042
AMERICAN AIRLINESMD-83Short Haul399919.55042
ALASKA AIRLINES737-400Short Haul389720.55225
ALASKA AIRLINES737-700WShort & Medium Haul Domestic389720.55225
ALASKA AIRLINES737-800Short & Medium Haul Domestic3897215330
ALASKA AIRLINES737-900Short & Medium Haul Domestic3897215330
ALASKA AIRLINES737-900ERShort & Medium Haul Domestic3897215330
DELTA AIR LINES737-700Short Haul389720.55242
DELTA AIR LINES737-800Short Haul389720.55242
DELTA AIR LINES757-200Long Haul Domestic3897215342
DELTA AIR LINES757-200Short & Medium Haul3897215342
DELTA AIR LINESDC-9-51Short Haul3897215325
SPIRIT AIRLINESA319-100Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
SPIRIT AIRLINESA320-200Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
SPIRIT AIRLINESA321-200Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
UNITED AIRLINESA319-100Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
UNITED AIRLINESA320-200Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
UNITED AIRLINESA320-200Short Haul Domestic389720.55225
UNITED AIRLINES737-700Short Haul3897215345
UNITED AIRLINES737-800Short Haul3897215345
UNITED AIRLINES737-800Short Haul3897215345
UNITED AIRLINES737-800Short Haul3897215345
UNITED AIRLINES737-900Short Haul3897215345
UNITED AIRLINES767-300ERLong Haul Domestic3897205150
UNITED EXPRESSERJ-170Short Haul3897246125
US AIRWAYSA320-200Short Haul Domestic3897215325
US AIRWAYS757-200Short Haul3897205125
US AIRWAYS757-200Short Haul3897205125
DELTA AIR LINES757-200Short & Medium Haul3794215342
DELTA AIR LINES757-200Long Haul Domestic3794215342
DELTA AIR LINES757-300Long Haul3794215325
DELTA AIR LINESMD-88Short Haul3794205142
DELTA AIR LINESMD-90Short Haul3794205142
DELTA CONNECTION / ComairCRJ700Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / ComairCRJ900Short Haul3794215325
DELTA CONNECTION / Compass AirlinesERJ-170Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / Compass AirlinesERJ-175Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / ExpressJetCRJ700Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / ExpressJetCRJ900Short Haul3794215325
DELTA CONNECTION / GoJetCRJ700Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / PinnacleCRJ900Short Haul3794215325
DELTA CONNECTION / Shuttle AmericaERJ-170Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / Shuttle AmericaERJ-175Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / SkyWestCRJ700Short Haul3794194825
DELTA CONNECTION / SkyWestCRJ900Short Haul3794215325
UNITED EXPRESSCRJ700Short Haul3794194825
US AIRWAYSA319-100Short & Medium Haul Domestic3794215325
US AIRWAYS737-300Short Haul Domestic3794205125
US AIRWAYS737-300Short Haul Domestic3794205125
US AIRWAYS737-400Short Haul Domestic3794205125
US AIRWAYS EXPRESSCRJ700Short Haul3794215325
US AIRWAYS EXPRESSCRJ900Short Haul3794215325
US AIRWAYS EXPRESSERJ-170Short Haul3794194825
US AIRWAYS EXPRESSERJ-175Short Haul3794194825
DELTA AIR LINESA319-100Short & Medium Haul Domestic3691215325
DELTA AIR LINESA320-200Short & Medium Haul Domestic3691215325
US AIRWAYSA321-200Short Haul Domestic3691215325
US AIRWAYSERJ-190Short Haul3691.44194825 – Airline ServicesSeating, Comfort & In-Flight Entertainment provides details about Seating on over 130 airlines and 750 different jetliners worldwide. Aircraft seating information includes seat pitch, width, recline angle, type of seat, plus entertainment, power, communications and WiFi.


The information in this story was accurate at the time it was published but we suggest you confirm all details and prices directly with any establishments mentioned. The quality of offerings and services tends to change over time.

Seat pitch details are believed to be correct at time of publishing, but AirGuide cannot be held responsible for any errors that may exist. Please note that some figures represent new product installations that may not be completed or available across an airline’s whole fleet of aircraft.

Seat Pitch: The distance between two rows of seats, this is the best indicator of legroom. More is better.

The pitch is the distance between an attachment point on one seat and the same point on the next seat, and it is definitely not the equivalent of legroom. Pitch also does not take into account the thickness of the seat back, the magazine pouch, or the tray. Then you still have to contend with the passenger in front of you, who insists on reclining his seat into your lap. That’s why many airlines have introduced thin and hard seats in Economy Class. This allows a bit more room for your knees, but an awful alternative for the rest of your body.

Seat pitch is  usually given in inches. For many carriers, the pitch in Economy class is 30 to 32 inches, 76 to 81 centimeters. More seat pitch can mean more legroom, but it is also affected by the thickness of the seat back. Airlines have claimed that a reduction of seat pitch can be compensated for by a thinner seat-back design.

Seat Width: The distance between the armrests of a single seat. More is better. Seat width is the distance from armrest to armrest, in Economy class this is typically around 17 to 18 inches, 43 to 46 centimeters.