The world’s most dangerous countries revealed

Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia are the most dangerous places on earth, according to a new map designed for travellers that alerts them to risks abroad. The interactive ‘Travel Risk Map’ for 2019 reveals the countries where travellers are most likely to have trouble when it comes to road safety, security and medical matters. Nordic countries Finland, Norway and Iceland have been labelled the safest places on the map… [read more]

The insane 575-foot Acionna concept is a superyacht to beat all superyachts

At what point can you look in the mirror and confidently proclaim, “I have arrived?” Is it when your yacht has a helipad? Or so many rooms that you could lose the keys to your backup Bugatti for hours among its many decks? What about when your superyacht has its own smaller satellite yacht? These are the questions the ultra-luxurious Acionna superyacht concept seeks to answer… [read more]

Ryanair is bringing back its private jet experience, but food and drink are extra

If you fancy travelling with a bit of comfort, Ryanair has announced that its corporate 737 jet is back in service for the winter season. It is offering its Boeing 737-700 for corporate and group hire, and the great news is that you can enjoy a generous baggage allowance while reclining in one of the 60 business class leather seats… [read more]

Why Vienna’s anti-Instagram stance is a brave move in the age of social media

Every two minutes in 2018, we take as many photos as were taken in the entire 19th century. So say the Vienna Tourist Board, who’ve had enough of us selfieing our way around the Ringstrasse. This month, they’ve drawn a line in the sand with a bold new marketing campaign: Unhashtag Vienna… [read more]

No-fly holidays you’ll want to book right now

Not everyone likes flying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing holidays in fantastic destinations. Whether you fancy a European road trip or a cruise around the Med, there are plenty of places all over the world that make great no-fly holiday options… [read more]