Wi-Fi availability on U.S. airlines.

Currently, about 1,700 planes in the U.S. have Internet access, including the entire fleets of Virgin America and AirTran, Delta Air Lines’ entire domestic fleet, and a sizable number of planes flown by American and Southwest Airlines.

Here’s a look at Wi-Fi availability on U.S. airlines:

Virgin America – 50 aircraft with 100%. Also has standard power outlets

Alaska – 110 aircraft with 92%. All except freighters and combination passenger/freight planes

Delta – 557 aircraft and 79%, with 100% of mainline domestic fleet; also equipped 37% of its regional jet fleet

American – 321 aircraft with 53%. Up to 400 aircraft installed by the end of this year Southwest – 340 aircraft with 49%. Includes AirTran, which has 100% coverage on its 140 planes

US Airways – 63 aircraft with 19%. Airbus A321 planes only; plans to expand to Airbus A319 and A320, as well as Embraer 190 jets and some smaller regional jets by the end of next year.

United – 13 aircraft with 2%. Available only on p.s. aircraft; going to satellite-based system to provide global coverage.

JetBlue – 0 aircraft with 0%. Plans to begin installing satellite-based system late this year.

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