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Hourly (Short-term) Parking

Closest Proximity. North and South Hourly Parking Lots.
If you are picking up or dropping off someone at the Airport, the most convenient parking will be the “Hourly Parking” areas which are located directly in front of each terminal entrance from the North or South Hourly Parking Lot. Fees:
$1 per hour (first 2 hours);
$2 per hour (next 4 hours);
$28 per day (over 6 hours);
$28 per day (each additional day)
Lost Ticket: $28

Daily Parking

Covered Deck Parking. North and South Daily Parking Lots.
For the closest overnight parking and to park under cover, use “Daily Parking” which is also directly across from each terminal (4 levels). Fees:
$2 per hour
$14 per day
Lost Ticket: $14

Economy Parking

Surface Parking
North and South Economy Parking Lots – located adjacent to the parking decks.
West Economy – located at the West end of the terminal beyond the Ground Transportation Center area. This lot serves both terminals. Fees:
$2 per hour
$10 per day
Lost Ticket: $10

Park Ride Lot

Free Shuttle Service from on Airport Location.
Airport Park Ride Lot A, B, and C – service to both North & South Terminals. A free shuttle bus will pick you up at your vehicle and quickly take you to the curbside check-in. Upon returning to Atlanta, arriving passengers are picked up at the Ground Transportation Center and returned to their vehicle. Fees:
$2 per hour
$9 per day
Lost Ticket Fee: $9

Gold Reserve Lot

The Gold Parker Program was created for people with busy schedules to provide fast and guaranteed airport parking. Fees:
$3 for the first hour;
$1 per hour each add’l hour;
$24 per day maximum

Silver Reserve Lot

The Silver Lot, is designed to accommodate customers who prefer a reserved space at the Airport – it is a spin-off from Gold Reserve Parking, which will also afford the opportunity to become a member of the Silver Club and guarantee parking accommodations. The lot is located on-airport, adjacent to South Terminal Parkway, just minutes away. Ideal for customers with busy schedules who prefer a guaranteed space. Limited memberships available.

Note: Parking rates listed are subject to change. Please check rates posted at the entrance to each parking lot before entering.

Off-site Airport Parking

There are several companies providing off-site airport parking listed below. Courtesy shuttle service is available to transport you from the airport to the off-site airport parking location. They are located on the Orange Bus Isle.

Pre-Flight Airport Parking (404) 767-8000
The Parking Spot 1 (404) 761-3300
Park ‘N Fly Atlanta (404) 763-3185
Park ‘N Fly Plus (404) 761-0364
Park ‘N Go (404) 669-9300
Park ‘N Ticket (404) 669-3800
The Parking Spot 2 (404) 761-7711
POA dba Prestige Parking (404) 559-4475


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