Restaurants & Bars

Bar & Beverage

40/40 Club Concourse D D Centerpoint
A – Bar Concourse A A 28
Budweiser Bar & Grill Concourse A
Lorena Garcia Tapas Atlanta Concourse F F Mezzanine
Piano Bar Concourse A A Centerpoint
Qdoba Piano Bar Concourse E E Centerpoint
The Pecan Bar Concourse C C4

Abica Coffee Concourse A A 28
Brioche Doree Cafe Bakery Concourse A A Centerpoint
Cafe Intermezzo Concourse B B Centerpoint
Cafe Tazza Concourse B B Centerpoint
Caribou Coffee Concourse E E Centerpoint
Caribou Coffee Concourse A A2
Corner Bakery Cafe Concourse T T3
Corner Bakery Cafe Kiosk Concourse T T13
Corner Bakery Café Concourse D D12
Fresh Healthy Cafe Concourse C C45
Starbucks Concourse C C16
Starbucks Concourse C C37
Starbucks Concourse F F Arrivals
Starbucks Coffee Concourse F F Mezzanine
Starbucks Coffee Domestic Terminal Atrium NW
Sweet Auburn Market Concourse F F Ticketing
Sweetwater Brewhouse Concourse A A25
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Concourse A A 12
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Concourse T T6
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Concourse A A12
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Concourse D D34
The Coffee Beanery Purple Leaf Cafe Concourse B B3

Coca-Cola Vending Concourse C C6
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse B B2
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse B B28
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse D D26
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse A A33
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse F F Mezzanine
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse T T14
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse E E17
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse F F5
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse C C47
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse B B22
Coca-Cola Vending Concourse D D14

Food & Restaurants

Arby’s Concourse E E Centerpoint
Asian Chao Concourse A A3
Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill Concourse D D8A
Atlanta Bread & Bar Concourse A A12
Atlanta Bread Company Concourse C C30
Atlanta Bread Company Kiosk Concourse B B7
Atlanta Chophouse & Brewery Domestic Terminal Atrium NE
Atlanta Hawk’s Highlight Factory Concourse A A 33
Atlanta Hawks Bar & Grill Concourse A A33
Atlanta Stillhouse Concourse T T13
Baja Fresh Concourse C C44
Bakery Atlanta Bread Company Concourse B B7
Boar’s Head Concourse A A 28
Boardwalk Burgers & Fries Concourse A
Boars Head Deli Concourse A A Centerpoint
Boars Head Deli To Go Concourse F F Mezzanine
Boars Head Kiosk Concourse A A17
Boars Head Kiosk Concourse A A4
Boars Head Kiosk Concourse A A21
Boars Head Kiosk Concourse A A28
Boar’s Head Kiosk Concourse E E26
Bogachi Express Concourse D D Centerpoint
Bojangles’ Concourse T T7
Brews And Blues Concourse C C4
Buffalo Wild Wings Concourse D D Upper Level
Burger King Domestic Terminal Atrium SE
Burgers BBQ & Brews Concourse C C22
Charley’s Grilled Subs Concourse C C12
Charleys Philly Steaks Concourse C C12
Checkers Concourse B B Centerpoint
Checkpoint Grill Concourse T
Chick-Fil-A Concourse C C21
Chick-Fil-A Concourse A A Centerpoint
Chipotle Mexican Grill Concourse D D29
Coffee Beanery Domestic Terminal Atrium NW
Coffee Beanery Featuring Purple Leaf Cafe Concourse B B3
Das Waffle Haus & Pub Concourse D D25
Dos Equis Explorers Lounge Concourse B B31
Dunkin Donuts Concourse B B27
Ecco Concourse F F Mezzanine
Einstein Bros. Bagels Concourse D D Centerpoint
Fab Yo Concourse D D7
Famous Famiglia Concourse D D Centerpoint
Famous Famiglia Concourse T T6
Famous Famiglia Concourse C C12
Five Guys Burgers and Fries Concourse C C41
Five Guys Burgers and Fries Concourse D D11A
Fly Burger Concourse B B26
Food Network Kitchen Concourse D D Centerpoint
French Meadow Concourse F F Centerpoint
French Meadow Bakery & Café Concourse C C40
Fresh to Order Concourse B B Centerpoint
Freshen’s Concourse E E Centerpoint
Freshen’s Concourse A A25
Freshens Concourse B B9
Freshen’s Smoothies Concourse D D Centerpoint
Gabriel’s Concourse B B32
Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill Concourse D D Centerpoint
Georgia Grown Concourse D D29
Goldberg’s Bagels Concourse A A16
Goldbergs Bagels Concourse T T12
Goldberg’s Bagels & Deli Concourse E E Centerpoint
Gordon Biersch Concourse A A Centerpoint
Great Wraps Concourse A A Centerpoint
Grindhouse Killer Burgers Concourse D D32
Harvest Ground Concourse D D9
Ihop Domestic Terminal Atrium SW
Jamba Juice Concourse T T3
Jekyll Island Seafood Company Concourse F F Centerpoint
Jersey Mikes Subs Concourse C C14
Krystal Concourse A A 28
La Madeleine Country French Cafe Domestic Terminal Atrium NE
La Madeleine Country Fresh Concourse C C8
Links Concourse C C30
Little Azio Pizza and Pasta Concourse B B Centerpoint
Longhorn Steakhouse Concourse C C 13
LottaFrutta Concourse B B23
Low Country Concourse A A Centerpoint
Maison Mathis Belgium Beer Café Concourse F F3
McDonald’s Concourse E E Centerpoint
McDonalds Concourse A A 11
Nathan’s Hot Dogs Concourse B B27
Nathan’s Hot Dogs Concourse E E Centerpoint
Nature’s Table Concourse E E Centerpoint
Natures Best Market Kiosk Concourse B B34
One Flew South Concourse E E Centerpoint
P.F. Chang’s Concourse A A Centerpoint (upper level)
Panda Express Concourse E E Centerpoint
Paschal’s Concourse B B Centerpoint
Passports Restaurant & Bar Concourse D D3
Pei Wei Concourse F F Mezzanine
Phillips Seafood Concourse D D Centerpoint
Piece of Cake Concourse A A 9
Pinkberry Concourse A A9
Popeye’s Domestic Terminal Atrium SE
Popeyes Concourse D D8A
Popeyes Concourse B B13
Pronto! Merato Concourse C
Proof of the Pudding Concourse B B25
Proof of the Pudding Kiosk Concourse B B10
Qdoba Concourse A A Centerpoint
Qdoba (Open Until Midnight) Concourse E E Centerpoint
Quiznos Subs Concourse D D15
Sam Adams/Checkpoint Bistro Concourse T T8
Samuel Adams Bar Concourse B B Centerpoint
Saucy Blues Concourse T T10
Shane’s Rib Shack Domestic Terminal Atrium SE
Sojourner’s Concourse E E8
Sojourner’s Concourse E E Centerpoint
Sojourner’s Concourse E E28
Subway Concourse T T6
Sweet Georgia Juke Joint Concourse C C42
Sweet Water Draft House and Grill Concourse B B11
Tap Concourse A A3
Teriyaki Experience Domestic Terminal Atrium SE
TGI Friday’s Concourse B B Centerpoint
TGI Friday’s Concourse T T4
TGI Friday’s Domestic Terminal Atrium NW
TGI Friday’s To Go Concourse B B6
TGI Fridays Grab N Go Kiosk Concourse T T4
TGI Friday’s Concourse E E Centerpoint
The Bar Concourse E E Centerpoint
The Original El Taco Concourse C C14
The Original El Taco Concourse F F Mezzanine
The Pecan Bistro Concourse F F Mezzanine
The Varsity Concourse C C21
The Varsity Concourse F F Mezzanine
Three Taverns Craft Beers Concourse A A25
Three Taverns Craft Beers Concourse B B11
Varasanos Pizzeria Concourse A A Centerpoint
Villa Pizza Concourse E E Centerpoint
Willy’s Mexicana Grill Concourse B B Centerpoint
Wolfgang Puck Grab n Go Kiosk Concourse D D33

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