Atlanta airport is currently the busiest airport in the world. Therefore, it is not problem-free with baggage delays and congested areas. Parking can be another difficulty and the airport’s size adds extra minutes to journey time. But the courtesy and natural friendless of the airport staff is probably its greatest asset.

Various restaurants and fast-food outlets offer a wide variety of international cuisine. Several gift and souvenir shops, as well as a duty-free, are available. There is a chapel and a medical center, as well as AED units (defibrillators).


Free, SSID: ATL Free Wi-Fi. For more information +1-877-452-9434. WiFi access is virtually accessible anywhere within the Airport, including the Transportation Mall under the concourses.

In addition to creating a network that enables users to log on anywhere, anytime at the Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson is facilitating a competitive pricing structure for users by establishing a truly neutral host system. Instead of one Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) owning or managing the Wi-Fi system, the Airport is its proprietor.

When a user powers a laptop, if they have a wireless card (internal or external) the Airport’s SSID will communicate with it resulting in the display of the splash page. The splash page will allow user access to all information on the Atlanta Airport Web site and the Web with wireless Internet access.

Wi-Fi Carrier Services available: Boingo, T-Mobile, Sprint, WifiZone, AccessAnyplace and Opti-Fi.

Bank & ATM

Capitol City Bank is a full-service bank located in the Atrium at SW gates. Open 9am-6pm +1-404 766 8111

ATM Machines are available throughout the arrivals & departures level, as well as in some concourses. Located at Atrium SW gates; Concourses B-19; C17, D-Centerpoint; E-26 and Terminal 9-Centerpoint.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Travelex locations: Atrium SW, Concourse E: gate E12, gate E26, E Centerpoint, Concourse F: F7 & F Arrivals; and Concourse T: T6
Tel: 404-766-2700, +1404-761-1941

Travelers Aid Desk +1 404 530 6746,
Atlanta Convention Visitors Bureau +1 404 305 8426

Disabled Services

The airport has full facilities for disabled passengers including TDD/TYY phones, lifts and ramps. Wheelchairs and wheelchair services are available and should be scheduled prior to flight.