Alaska Airlines incorporates Sabre’s market intelligence solution

Sabre Corporation, one of the leading technology providers to the global travel industry has recently renewed its distribution agreement with Alaska Airlines for five years to offer full content through the Sabre Travel Network global distribution system (GDS).

This five-year deal also includes the expansion and integration of Sabre’s leading technology portfolio at the airline, extending Alaska’s passenger services system- SabreSonic customer sales & service , as well as revenue optimiser, revenue integrity and Sabre’s market intelligence solution.

By allowing travel agencies to access their full range of content and services in the GDS, Alaska Airlines has reinforced the value of Sabre’s travel marketplace, which plays an important role in facilitating the marketing and sale of airfares to more than 425,000 travel agents and thousands of corporations across the globe.

This holistic distribution strategy enables Sabre to act as a technology provider that will allow both direct and indirect channels, offering travelers the freedom to purchase tickets and ancillaries wherever they prefer.

“Renewing and strengthening our distribution and technology partnership with Sabre enables Alaska Airlines to extend our brand, enhance our merchandising capabilities and offer guests more options in a competitive environment,” said Shane Tackett, senior vice president of revenue management and e-commerce of Alaska Airlines.

With this deal, Sabre and Alaska Airlines’ tenured partnership will continue to grow. The companies would move forward together and will on the forefront of travel technology. This contract renewal and expansion not only reinforces the value of the GDS, but also demonstrates Alaska Airlines’ focus on providing choice and transparency for their travelers.

“This new long-term agreement was the result of collaboration and focus on our common objectives of strengthening operations and driving efficiency through innovative technology,” said Wade Jones, president of Sabre Travel Network.

“Sabre will deliver the most relevant merchandising capabilities possible through the GDS,” he said.