amedeus invests in situm ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Amadeus Ventures has invested in Spanish startup Situm, creator of a wayfinding tool for the indoors, where GPS tends to be ineffective due to roofs and walls.

The technology could be used for airports, train stations and museums. Situm’s technology is already in “thousands of buildings around the world,” Amadeus said.

Several hospitals in Spain have integrated the technology in an app provided to patients and visitors so they can get turn-by-turn directions.

“Improving operations and performance across all parts of the travel sector is a key area of focus for us at Amadeus,” said Katherine Grass, head of Amadeus Innovation and Ventures. “Situm offers a really powerful solution and we look forward to having it as part of our investment portfolio and working together to solve some of these challenges.”

Amadeus Ventures, launched in 2014, is Amadeus’ corporate-venture arm. It co-invested in Situm with venture capital groups Unirisco and Xesgalicia. It is the latest in a number of startup investments Amadeus Ventures has made.