We all have too little time to grab a snack or drink at the airport before we have to board our flight, but it looks like there is change in the air. According to Reuters, Amazon is considering placing Amazon Go stores in airports.

These stores would allow travelers to scan their smartphones at a turnstile upon entering the store, grab whatever they need off the shelves – like a bottle of water or bag of chips – and then be charged automatically on their phones when they leave the store.

Reuters obtained emails through public record requests that show Amazon reaching out to airports like Los Angeles International Airport and San Jose International Airport this summer about installing Amazon Go stores.

San Jose airport’s information technology manager wrote in an email to Amazon: “I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport.”

LAX and San Jose told Reuters that there are no solid plans for Amazon Go to be placed in their airports as no further conversation had occurred between the airports and Amazon. If Amazon were to place their stores in these airports, they’d have to undergo a competitive bid process.

According to Reuters, in September, a concessions manager at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport emailed the VP of Amazon Go asking for a partnership “on the first airport Amazon Go location.”

DFW did not comment to Reuters on whether this partnership is in the works.

Regardless of who snags the “first Amazon Go airport location,” it will make travelers immensely happy to have one less line to wait in at the airport.