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We have developed a very effective platform with limitless potential for business and leisure travelers from across the globe. Our technology and creative content targets and engages millions of travelers wherever they are. So whether at the airport, inflight, at the hotel or on a train or cruise, we have every aspect of the travel experience covered.

Marketing Services including Social Media, Direct Marketing & Advertising.
Travel Technology & Content Solutions will reduce your content costs and build revenue
Business Intelligence Tools & Enterprise Solutions “Knowledge is Profit”, our Business Intel & Social Media software solutions provide major U.S. and International corporations and media companies with invaluable tools.

Top international corporations, organizations and sponsors recognize the advantages of working with an established media company who can undertake the complex business of communicating their brands to their target audience and creating traditional and electronic communications to optimize sales through an international media and marketing network.

Marketing Services – AirGuide Travel & Business Media Network
Anytime, Anywhere – Online, Mobile & InFlight

We keep travelers connected with Major US and global brands with our Advertising, Marketing ServicesPress Release Distribution to our B2C+ B2B Subscribers, members of the Media and to millions though our airport, airline, inflight, hotel and social media + syndication network in more than 100 countries in 20+ languages, on all available platforms.

Our Marketing Services include alliance with major global media distribution networks:

Travel Technology & Content Solutions
Reduce Your Content Costs + Build Revenue with Travel Media, Anytime, Anywhere

Our Travel Technology & Content will reduce your content costs and build revenue. By combining your content assets with ours, Business, Travel, Airline, Airport, Flight Tracking, Destination Guides, News, and new content may be created for your mobile Apps, website or inflight IFE network, without the expense of having an in-house editorial and technical staff.

We offer a total approach creating and producing White Label Solutions of our technology Custom Content, Branding and Distribution. Our Destinations – Airport & City Guides or Apps for global travelers with Interactive Dynamic Maps – Airports – Destination & City – Hotels & Shopping – Travel Activities & Events + Flight Tracking.

Business Intelligence Tools & Enterprise Solutions
Our Business Intelligence Tools provide 
Independent & Unbiased Intel for Air Transport, Aviation, Travel Industry 
& Global Media, Corporations, Government, NGOs


Our business intelligence applications and research teams are designed to reduce your costs and maximize revenue with turnkey solutions and expertise. We offer thousands of people around the world business and market intelligence software tools and services with an expert staff providing measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer behavior, likes and dislikes.

Social Media Management Software
are designed to reduce your costs and maximize revenue with turnkey solutions and expertise, and are ideal for any international company or organization.

“Knowledge is Profit” 

If airlines, airports and the travel industry are to remain competitive they must develop a social media strategy.

The desired outcome of a social media strategy is to convert the people who are following your company or product into a paying customer.

Whether focusing on a project for one client or managing social across dozens, our Social Media Management Solution makes it easy for your teams to manage all their client engagements from a centralized platform.

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