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Engage travelers with an easy and informative destination guides seamlessly blended onto the map background. Passengers and travelers can explore airports, navigate city streets and investigate points of interest across the region.

Our team of international writers and editors produce and maintain over 500 cities worldwide with over 40,000+ points of interest, with:

  • Works on all electronic devices inflight + on the ground
  • Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops
  • Works on any platform or browser
  • Interactive Dynamic Maps
  • Point-of Interest POI pop-ups
  • “Blue Dot” Geolocation + Search capability

AirGuideAirports with Dynamic Maps, airport services, information for the busiest airports in the world, in North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific:

  • Flight status arrivals and departures
  • Airport hotels and hotels nearby
  • Airport terminals and gates
  • Airport parking
  • Airport transportation, transfers, airport shuttle, car rental, taxis, buses, rail
  • Airport services and facilities, duty-free, shopping, WiFi, airport lounge, restaurants and bars
  • Airport IATA and ICAO codes
  • Airport address, telephone number, eMail, Website

AirGuideCity our city guides will give you maps, information to help you to find what you are looking for:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Bars, pubs and cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist attractions
  • Museums
  • Nightlife
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Beauty and spas
  • Outdoor activities

Live Flight & Airport Tracking – Departure & Arrivals:
Flight Status – Departures & Arrivals ATL

We believe travel media should be fun, entertaining, socially interactive, and of course informative. The global travelers wants a seamless experience to get their destination information, news and update wherever they are. Most guides are narrowly designed for use in the aircraft, or just for one purpose, such a finding lounges, or flight tracking.

Since our content solutions architecture is modular, we have limitless ways to integrate, customize + brand our destinations guides. Engage travelers with an easy and informative destination guides seamlessly blended onto the map background. Passengers and travelers can explore airports, navigate city streets and investigate points of interest across the region.

Using our valuable passenger data, we are in the process of developing new versions of our guides for  travelers to access everywhere, at the airport, aircraft, hotel, train, cruise ship or cars.

Miami + Miami Beach City + Seaport & MIA Airport
City Full Screen: http://airguideonline.com/maps/MIAcity.html
City Full Screen (with clustering): http://airguideonline.com/maps/MIAcity_clusters.html
Seaport Full Screen: http://www.airguideonline.com/maps/MIAseaport.html
Miami International Airport MIA
Flight Status – Departures & Arrivals
Airport Full Screen: http://www.airguideonline.com/maps/MIA.html

Classic City Guides – CitySeeker

New York City + Brooklyn + Queens & JFK + EWR Airports
City Full Screen: http://airguideonline.com/maps/NYCcity.html
City Full Screen (with clustering): http://www.airguideonline.com/maps/NYCcity_clusters.html
New York Newark Liberty International Airport EWR
Flight Status – Departures & Arrivals
Full Screen: http://www.airguideonline.com/maps/EWR.html

Classic City Guides – CitySeeker

AirGuide Airport & City App Demo New UI screens clickable demo

Here are a few customized versions of our Airport or City guides:

WINGS Entertain on Eurowings
Lufthansa Systems BoardConnect
Classic City Guides – CitySeeker

InFlight Entertainment – Entertainment: Movies, TV Show, Games, Magazines
Shopping: Duty Free, Snacks, Meals, Beverages, Shopping Cart
Destination Information: Airport & City Guides, Hotels, Travel Activities & Events, Deals http://us.ifddemo.com/#/wireless
Destination Info: http://us.ifddemo.com/#/destination/information

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