Chill out with these travel apps for meditation

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Bliss Out With These Travel Apps for Meditation

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Meditation is one of the keys to a more mindful existence and it has become a growing trend in peoples’ everyday lives — and now you can take your newfound mediation skills on the road with travel apps specifically targeted toward travelers says a new article in The New York Times.

“Having long tried to virtually transport listeners to beaches, rain forests and other dreamy respites, meditation apps today are also trying to appeal to people who are actually traveling to such places,” writes Stephanie Rosenbloom, who tried several meditation apps personally.

First up was a travel preparation session from Simple Habit.

“If you want brief, basic lessons about controlling your breathing, you may enjoy these sessions, more minilectures than silky-voiced meditations,” writes Rosenbloom.

She tried another app called OMG. I Can Meditate. This app also offered a variety of travel related meditations.

“The travel-related meditations on this app may appeal if you’re beginning to practice mindfulness and want step-by-step instructions,” say Rosenbloom.

Pause is a stress relief app that Rosenbloom found surprisingly good.

“At first, the idea of Pause seemed as silly as a mood ring. But there is something about slowly guiding your hand to the sound of lapping waves that has you radiating calm before you even set foot on a beach. If you want a quick, surreptitious way to refresh your mind without someone instructing you to tune into your breath, this could be the app for you,” she says.