Company Overview

AirGuide Travel Media & Technology’s objective is to elevate the travel experience by providing superior content and technology for an effortless journey for passengers. Our focus is on the total travel experience in order to enhance every moment, anywhere anytime on all platforms including online, desktop or mobile.

Our Travel Media Network delivers your message to millions or travelers globally to the right person and our  Travel Content & Technology provides the content, tools and distribution to serve them with the right content at the right time and place.

Our Products & Services

We have developed very effective content and distribution platforms with limitless potential to achieve this end. Our creative content + innovative technology engages millions of travelers wherever they are. We have every aspect of the travel experience covered whether at the airport, inflight, at the hotel or on a train or cruise.

AirGuide Travel Media Network
AirGuide Travel Media Network connects you to an affluent, influential group of business and leisure travelers from across the globe. Our digital media is available anytime, anywhere, reaching millions of global passengers yearly traveling with 20+ airlines to over 160 destinations and staying at 1000+ Hotels & Resorts, including cruises and high-speed rail lines. We provide a total travel experience in order to enhance every moment, anywhere, anytime on all platforms including online, desktop or mobile, delivering digital Display and Video advertising:

At Airlines Lounges & Inflight, InHotels & High-Speed Rail
Geo-Targeted Advertising – Local or Global
Social Media Network & Sponsored Content

  • Airport WiFi & Lounges, Airline Inflight WiFi & Entertainment systems
  • Hotel WiFi & In Hotel Room Entertainment systems
  • &
  • Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine & AirGuideOnline
    Frequent Flyer Destinations is a luxury lifestyle magazine with a stable of award-winning writers and photographers offers an exciting mix of content that prepares you for every part of your travel experience in the air and on the ground. Selected feature articles are also available weekly on + in addition to weekly news.
  • AirGuideBusiness &
    Covers global aviation, air transport and travel business, delivering  markets intelligence and analysis for industry professionals.
  • Destination Travel Guides & Apps – AirGuideAirports &
    Our Destination Airport & City Guides & Apps, website include our exclusive and unique Interactive Dynamic Maps which features Airports, City, Hotels & Shopping, Travel Activities & Events and Flight Tracking. We engage our passengers with great content and easy to navigate destination information and maps. We display Point-of Interest POI pop-ups and “Blue Dot” Geolocation Indicator plus Search capability for the world’s most important cities, over 500 destinations worldwide, and 100,000+ points of interest.
  • EStreamTV In Hotel Room Entertainment & App: Movies, TV Show, Music, Radio, News, Magazines, Destination Guides, Shopping, Interactive Program Guide, In-Room Media Sharing, Content On-Demand, Hotel Information.

Reach your audience at the right time, at the right place. Send offers + campaigns, target travelers by destination, city, airport, airline, hotel, cruise line, rail line, where they live, specific location or  targeting criteria. We provide real-time marketing with personalized ads which is proven to increase conversation rates much more than any other advertising method.

AirGuide Travel Content & Technology Solutions
Our Travel Content & Technology will reduce your content costs and build revenue. We have been working with the world’s leading airlines, airports, hotels and travel industry leaders for the last 20 years. We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content into virtually any platform or language. Works on any Website, WebMobile, Apps, WiFi, Airport or Inflight IFE/W-IFE, InRail, InHotel, InCruise platform.

Entertainment Platforms – InFlight IFE/W-IFE & InHotel Room
Travel & Business Content
Destination Travel Guides

By combining your content assets with ours, new content may be created for your mobile Apps, website or inflight IFE or hotel network, without the expense of having an in-house editorial and technical staff. We offer a total approach creating and producing White Label Solutions & Custom Content & Branding. We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content in virtually any platform or language.

AirGuide Travel Media & Technology – Availability & Distribution

We are Online, Mobile, Inflight, and deliver to 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers, Social & Syndication network members of the Media + millions at airport lounges, on airlines flying in Europe, North America and the Middle East, connecting to a captive audience of affluent global spenders, influential business and leisure travelers:

We keep travelers connected with Major US and global brands driven by our Advertising & Travel Media Network.

Our Business Intelligence Tools & Enterprise Solutions provide 
Independent & Unbiased Intel for Air Transport, Aviation, Travel Industry 
& Global Media, Corporations, Government, NGOs


Pyramid Media Group was established in New York in 1992 with the merger of Pyramid Graphics & Publishing (electronic, multimedia and print publications) and Pyramid Productions (photo, film and TV video production and programming) and it opened its first Internet site in 1995. It acquired Air Travel Media in 2006 to enhance and broaden its content and markets by reaching a cruise, destination, hotel and resorts audience.

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