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Our Technology & Content Services + Apps will reduce your content costs and build revenue. By combining your content assets with ours, Business, Travel, Airline, Airport, Flight Tracking, Destination Guides, News, and new content may be created for your mobile Apps, Web site, newsletters or mobile network, without the expense of having an in-house editorial and technical staff.

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We reach top leisure & business travelers with Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine, AirGuideOnline, AirGuideBusinessand our AirGuideAirportsDestination Travel Guides & Apps are delivered to 440,000 B2C+ B2B Subscribers, members of the Media and to millions though our inflight and syndication network in more than 100 countries in 20+ languages, on all available platforms.

Features & Benefits + Enterprise Solutions

Our Apps allow brands to offer a unique mobile experience for for leisure and business travelers with airline, airport and travel information and maps, live flight and airport information, weather, delays and language & cultural challenges.

  • Leverage Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology
    Leverage our platform to deliver a personalized travel tools to business and leisure international travelers.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty
    Differentiate your service with a unique and relevant offering that utilizes cutting-edge technology.
  • No Heavy Lifting
    Pyramid Media handles delivery, support, customization and maintenance. We make it easy for all parties to benefit.

White-Labeled Travel Applications are ideal for airlines, airports, hotels, destination and tourism boards, and other large travel brands.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more upon request.

Global, Regional & National Coverage: Europe, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific.

Innovative mobile applications and content solutions help keep international business & leisure travelers informed, safe, productive and savvy during trips. Pyramid Media provides travel, business and aerospace content and content services that reduce costs, build revenue and improve business efficiency. We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content into websites, intranets, wireless sites, television and virtually any platform or language.

We license our core travel and business content and technology enabling corporations, nonprofit organizations, government and media companies to integrate content across to their own Apps, intranet, Internet, wireless networks and to virtually any platform, online, mobile and in-flight.

We license our core travel, business and aerospace content and content tools enabling corporations, nonprofit organizations, government and media companies to integrate content across to their own Apps, intranet, Internet, wireless networks and to virtually any platform, online, mobile and in-flight.

  • Current, Accurate, Relevant, Comprehensive and Unbiased
  • Content and Apps adapted to your needs
  • Custom designed and branded solutions
  • Create a travel section without the costs of a staff
  • Create a new App or service without the costs of a staff
  • Build new revenue and increase your traffic
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency, maximum ROI
  • Content integration and management
  • Distribution to virtually any platform, desktop or mobile
  • Mobile Apps for consumer or business available
  • Custom Delivery Options available
  • White Label options available with or without advertising
  • Global, Regional & National coverage
  • Translation and culture-centric Apps available

Top international corporations, organizations and sponsors recognize the advantages of working with an established media company who can undertake the complex business of communicating their brands to their target audience and creating traditional and electronic communications to optimize sales through an international media and marketing network.

Recent Custom Projects

AirGuide & Pyramid Media provide content and content solutions to some notable airlines, airports, business and travel companies: American Express, Amadeus Global Travel, Eurowings, Germanwings, Havelsan, Lufthansa Systems, Opodo, PXcom, Joystar Travel Network, Southwest Airlines, Star Alliance, Wcities and media companies: Business Week, CNBC Networks, CNN International, DowJones,,, Forbes, Getty Images, Hoover’s, LexisNexis, MSNBC, NBC News / NBC Networks, NPR Marketplace, OAG, PC World, Gale Cengage, Reuters, The Sports Network, World Traveler, and many more…

Update Schedule
AirGuide for the Frequent Flyer, AirGuide Business, CruiseGuide and Pyramid Media content (news, features, reviews, advice and air + travel guides) are updated daily and our air + travel guides content is updated weekly and monthly.

The frequency of the updates depends on the nature of the content and the likelihood of it changing. Our weekly, monthly and annual updates ensure that all major news and guides always feature accurate and relevant information. All content is edited and updated with new information as it becomes available. Additionally, we receive feeds and updates from our numerous partners around the world.

Other Content Available
Travel Media, Anytime, Anywhere – Frequent Flyer Magazine, AirGuide Business, CruiseGuide media and content: more than 500 news, features, special reports, reviews, advice, air and travel guides are delivered daily and weekly.

We offer continually updated regional, national and global news, reviews and features, plus air and travel guides and Apps.

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