Dining In Stockholm

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Stockholm is one of the trendiest cities among all of the Scandinavian destinations. It is a beautiful city surrounded by canals and water giving off a similar feeling to Amsterdam. Tough weather and not much sun during the winter months are reasons people avoid Sweden so we recommend you go during the spring/summer months. Food is a significant part of any journey no matter where you are, here are some foodie tips on where to go for delicious food with a great atmosphere for not a big price tag.

Breakfast: Café Schweizer


Love walking around the city? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Café Schweizer is a super cool choice to boost your energy with great selections of quiche, sandwiches, salads and pastries. The salmon spinach quiche is highly recommended, it is served with a slice of a melon, and mixed green salad. It just the right amount to hold you over. Café Schweizer is located in the middle of Old Town which makes it a great starting point. There is an outdoor seating area to enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Town if you are lucky enough to have a good weather 🙂

Lunch: Stockholms Gastabaud

swedish meatballs

Discovering local food is essential to experience the places you visit. In Stockholm, many of the restaurants serve Swedish Meatballs, the most popular food in Sweden, but not all of them are worth your time and money. Stockholms Gastabaud, located in the Old Town, is a great choice with a cozy atmosphere, friendly service and excellent Swedish Meatballs, Salmon, and Reindeer. If you’re not too full after all of the great local delicacies, they have an incredible apple crumble.

Fika: Vete Katten


In Sweden, there’s an expression ”Fika” which means ”have a coffee with pastry or cake” similar to high tea in England. Vete Katten is a great place to experience this like a local. This cafe is heaven for sweet lovers! You may spend more time than you expect looking at the menu because the choices are endless. Their top selections are the princess cake and cinnamon buns.  The princess cake consists of layers of light, airy sponge, jam with raspberry, lots of whipped cream and pastry cream with a thin layer of marzipan. It is the most famous cake in Sweden and a great experience for foodies. Don’t forget about the Swedish coffee! It’s a great complement to your delicious cakes and desserts…

Dinner: Akkurat Restaurant&Bar


Akkurat is a great place with a wonderful atmosphere. If you don’t like seafood, they have many other things on the menu to cater to the non-seafood eater, they even have US appetizers. In addition to their menu, they have over 700 hundred beers and 400 whiskeys! The staff is very friendly and provide great service making it easier to find a choice on their great menu. Akkurat is known for their mussels and are served in a big pot; ”Moules Islay” made in a in white wine and Islay whiskey sauce, accompanied with onions and pieces of smoky bacon. The place is occupied by locals and consider having a reservation before your visit or it may be a long wait to get a table.


All in all, Stockholm is definitely a ”must-see” city ensuring unbeatable adventures for foodies. As locals suggest, you may consider visiting this Scandinavian beauty in spring or summer to enjoy warmer weather and around 10 hours of daylight!