Dubai plans world’s first rotating skyscraper hotel

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Dubai rotating hotelDubai is thinking about launching a brand new rotating skyscraper hotel.

The unique theme of this hotel would be the fact that every floor spins independently, enabling its guests to be pampered with all the views surrounding them. This would be the very first hotel in the world of its kind.

The makers hope that its guests would be really impressed by the concept of a constantly rotating hotel.

This idea of such a hotel had been conceptualized since the year 2008. However, Dubai has declared that the hotel is scheduled to be constructed in 2020. Dubai, however, plans to build this hotel in the year 2020.

The skyscraper would be nearly 419 metres tall and comprise 80 storeys.

In addition, apartments would be created on separate floors. Every floor would be rotatable thanks to voice-activated technology. And, every floor would be enriched with floor-to-ceiling windows to help guests make the most of the spectacular views.

So naturally, guests would be able to enjoy sunrise and sunsets, all from the comforts of their hotel room.

The skyscraper hotel would be designed by Israeli architect David Fischer. And, it would have wind turbines that would be placed horizontally between each floor and solar panels on the roof thereby making the hotel completely self-powered.

Fisher who is the architect of the Dynamic Group said that he had designed the building was inspired to do so by the thought that the modern motionless state of houses barely portray the lives of people that are constantly changing.

He said that homes and hotels should be capable of move just like the wind.

The entire building would be made of prefabricated units. These would be attached separately to a concrete core structure.