EasyJet plans to fly electric powered aircraft

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It is not going to happen for some time yet but easyJet, well known for its ground-breaking concepts, unveiled ideas for an electric powered aircraft at the annual Innovation Day held at Gatwick.  Britain’s largest airline has combined with Wright Electric to outline a solution for the future.

Jeffrey Engler, CEO and founder of Wright Electric, commented: “Working with easyJet to develop the next generation of air travel is a powerful validation of our technology approach and their insights have been invaluable as we look to commercialize our electric aircraft for the large and growing short-haul flight markets”.

“EasyJet’s impressive team has provided deep insights to our engineers about the critical aspects required to run a successful airline, from maintenance to revenue management, and we look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”

With a range of 335 miles, the Wright Electric aircraft is specifically designed for short-haul operations which are perfectly suited to easyJet’s route network with an average flight less than two hours, typically London to Amsterdam, Belfast and Paris.  A fully electric plane and all-electric ground vehicles would reap benefits for communities living near airports with the noise footprint significantly reduced.