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Pyramid Media content and publications are also available with distinctive custom branding, personalized websites, newsletters or printed editions with special covers with logo, slogan and message with company information, products and services.

Business, Travel, Airline, Airport, Destination, News or other Sections may be created for your Web site, corporate intranet or mobile network, by combining your and our content assets, such as our news, newswires, newsletters, features, trackers and other tools without the expense of having an in-house editorial and technical staff.

  • Editorial Services & Translation
  • Design & Graphics
  • Illustrations, Logos & Maps
  • Technical Drawings
  • Photography & Video

We create Apps, newsletters, magazines, books, online publications, websites, direct mail, press releases and other database-driven programs for a host of clients in a wide range of markets.

Editorial Services
Gathering travel information is a never-ending task; however, with our in-house editorial staff and hundreds of contributing writers and translators worldwide, we can guarantee that our travel content is accurate, informative and very interactive.

  • Our talented writers around the world constantly create and update content with local sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Our in-house editors work closely with our international network of local writers to post-edit and translate.
  • We constantly strive to build business relationships and joint ventures that allow the traveler to reap the benefits of expanded travel coverage.
  • Our content undergoes a rigorous editorial process which ensures a high level of quality control. Our meticulously planned news and features, reviews or aircraft, airline, airport or city guides are the basis of our content, and this allows our writers to maintain certain standards in order to maintain accuracy.

Update Schedule
AirGuide for the Frequent Flyer, AirGuide Business, CruiseGuide and Pyramid Media content (news, features, reviews, advice and air + travel guides) are updated daily and our air + travel guides content is updated weekly and monthly.

The frequency of the updates depends on the nature of the content and the likelihood of it changing. Our weekly, monthly and annual updates ensure that all major news and guides always feature accurate and relevant information. All content is edited and updated with new information as it becomes available. Additionally, we receive feeds and updates from our numerous partners around the world.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more upon request.

Global, Regional & National Coverage: Europe, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific.

Content Available
We offer continually updated regional, national and global news, reviews and features, plus air and travel guides and Apps. Please indicate your exact wishes and communication goals and we will submit a quotation corresponding exactly to your needs.

Licensing & Packages: News, Features, Reviews
Licensing & Packages: Air & Travel Guides+Apps
Custom Content
Editorial Services

We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content into mobile Apps, websites, intranets, wireless sites, television and virtually any platform or language.

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