Fernbrooke Farm Amusement Park offering old fashioned fun to visitors

farm-amusement-parkIn the midst of shiny theme parks, Fernbrooke in New Zealand got an old-fashioned attraction for the families to spend some quality time with their kids. The theme park ‘Fernbrooke Farm Amusement Park’ was created by Dave Hunger, near the base of the Mt Taranak.

It took almost five years for Mr. Hunger to invent unusual rides and machines for the park. For the five years, visitors flocked to the farm-themed park for the ‘trebuchet’ that was built out of a 13 metre tree.

The rides of the park include bicycle with tractor tyre as the the front wheel, magic carpet ride that gets pulled by a tractor, buckets and canoe,  swing made out of barrels, quad bike that pulls a train and several others.

Apart from the unusual rides, one can also visit a maze that is made out of weed sheet and wires. The firm gained its popularity among the kids as they could ride on the firm animals and also feed them during their visit.

The park has enough elements to give a sense of nostalgia to all the visitors. http://www.travelandtourworld.com/