Golf & Gastronomy In Madrid

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madrid ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you come to play golf in Madrid you have to know the Restaurant “La Atrevida”.

La Atrevida madrid ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Chef Óscar Velasco was inspired by the scientific and adventurous expeditions that began in Spain in the 18th century – and which many consider the origin of tourism – to baptize his restaurant La Atrevida, in the neighborhood of Salamanca.

And the name is perfect, it means the bold one, because it is located inside a hotel, specifically in the NH Lagasca, which has transformed its living rooms from the ground floor completely to welcome it.

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Divided in bar and restaurant, La Atrevida has that casual point that one demands to the locals that it goes with the time just for a tapas, to eat something before returning quickly to the work or, why not, to continue with your shopping day, because this is an area that lends itself a lot to it; or after your golf day in Madrid. It has that  touch of formality, or even affordable sophistication, that is required for a more leisurely meal.

Velasco obtains it in this place through his two cards, composed by a brief but interesting selection of dishes and rations to share in both cases.

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In the bar menu, there are very traditional proposals such as the salad ‘La Atrevida’ made with roasted potato, or the small sardines on tomato, red pepper and coca with puff pastry, a gourmet reinterpretation of the traditional tin of conserve. And in the lounge menu, more forceful and elaborate dishes, such as ravioli stuffed with mussels to Jerez, original fried potatoes sprinkled with egg yolk and ham salt, or the juicy rib of roasted pork at low temperature with barbecue sauce. For dessert the essential cheesecake, stamp of the house.

La Atrevida dining room restaurant ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In short, two cards and two areas clearly differentiated: on the one hand, the informal bar located at the entrance door, with tables and benches to enjoy your letter of pecking; And in the interior, the dining room, larger, with two reserved spaces and connected to the main hall, one of them even with a glass.

The decoration in both areas is simple, dotted with works of art selected by one of the partners, an art gallery owner. Although what is most striking is an artificial central oasis that makes this restaurant, the second member of the group La Colección de la Gastronomía (The Gastronomy Collection) which also belongs to Meating, with the stamp of Óscar Velasco, is extremely pleasing to the eye and to the palate.

La Atrevida madrid golf ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Don’t forget to come and visit this restaurant on your next short golf break in Madrid.