How to Find Cheaper Flight Tickets

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While checking Instagram or Facebook, most of us see that friend who travels all the time. Have you ever wondered how much money these people make that enable them to travel around that much? Most of these people are just wise about effective traveling tips, including finding cheap flight tickets. Here we give you some tips to help find budget-friendly tips that will help you spend less and travel more!

Let’s start with: Flexibility in Time

If you can be flexible dates, things will be much easier for you. Instead of shaping your plans according to a certain date, it is better to check all the costs with different dates than spot the cheapest dates possible. Keep in mind that flights early in the morning or late at the night are more likely to cost less than all the others.

Purchasing your tickets 3-4 months before your journey can help you get the cheapest price. Airlines offer last minute deals, usually 3 weeks prior to the flight date, to increase their seat occupancy rate so if you have a favorite airline sign up for their emails!

Open Incognito Tab on your Browser

Most websites collect “cookies” which help them give a more of customized service for their visitors. When you are about to book flight tickets, it is much safer option to open incognito tab on your browser, specifically on Google Chrome. When you check flight tickets for a certain destination, the cookie system will track your data and will know that’s where you want to go. If you check the availability of tickets for a second time or more, you may face higher prices.

Keep in mind, deleting your cookies before checking flight tickets will be helpful to cheaper flights.

Use Flight Ticket Search Engines

These search engines are a great way to save time as well as find cheaper offers. Most of their sites have a ‘’price alert’’ feature which will notify you via e-mail if the price of the ticket goes down. For many travelers, the top rated website for this is

While Expedia and Orbitz could be very helpful websites to fly to the U.S.A, Skyscanner, Momondo, and Kayak are well-known alternatives with competitive service if you are planning a trip to the Europe.

 Check Alternative Routes

Another helpful way is to find an alternative route to reach the desired destination. Sometimes it is easy to find much cheaper flights to neighboring cities or countries. Check those out first if flying directly to your destination is too expensive. You can always take a train, bus, car or local airline to get there! This way is also a great time to experience new places!

Try One Way Ticket Strategy

Looking for roundtrip ticket used to be known as the cheaper option. Flight ticket search engines sometimes combine more expensive tickets as you choose the roundtrip ticket. It is also better to check two separate one-way tickets to be able to see any possible price changes. Some destinations are very competitive with airlines and you may want to go to one popular destination with X Airlines and come back with Y airlines which could result in a smaller cost.

Join Mailing Lists

Promotions from airline companies and related agencies always cover a limited amount of seats. Joining a mailing lists is a great way to see deals that airlines promote. Most of the time email subscribers take advantage of promotions as first comers.

Following social media pages of airlines is another great way since airlines announce a certain deals first or only on their social media channels.

Check Offers of Travel Agencies

Over the years, travel agencies have lost their competitive power quite a bit due to the changing consumer behaviors with the changes in technology. However, agencies still keep their standard power of competition by bargains with airline companies and they are still able to provide unique offers. Packages from travel agencies which have accommodation and flights can be cheaper than a flight ticket directly bought from an airline company.

Earn Miles with Your Credit Card

Nowadays credit cards have various promotions for travel rewards and providing miles. As you make purchases with your credit card, you can earn miles and enjoy flying in a cheaper way.

The appealing part of this is the fact that sometimes there are promotions that let you fly with half of the miles for certain destinations or when you make a purchase of certain goods for given period of time, you may earn a very high amount of miles.

 Get Airline Refunds AFTER You Buy

Let’s suppose that you have tried all these ways mentioned above, but are still having a bit of hesitation if finding a better deal was possible. Feel fully confident with your flight purchase, you can enter your flight details on and they will send a refund alert to you as the ticket prices of your flight go down. Yapta sends you the amount that goes down after your purchase and relax! From May 2007, total savings identified by Yapta members is $250,621,489 and average annual savings per Yapta member is $334.16.