Ireland is a hotspot for US travelers

Ireland is a hotspoFrom November 2016 till January 2017, Ireland’s total number of travelers increased by 7.2 percent which is 1.8 m in comparison to last year as explained by the Central Statistics Office. The highest number of visitors poured in from North America which was 30.8 percent. This is a rise of 314,500. British tourists visiting Ireland increased by 3.3% to 841,700 while trips by residents of other European nations than Great Britain (Other Europe) increased by 2.3% to 588,500. Travelers from other areas increased to Ireland increased by 11.4% to 126,400.

More and more Irish people are willing to travel now. As a result, trips abroad are jumping by 12.4% to 1,551,400 between November 2016 and January 2017. The total number of trips during this period increased by 9.5% to 3,422,500 in comparison to previous years. To quote Niall Gibbons, ‘’ I am delighted to report that growth was recorded from all of our markets around the world — with exceptional results from North America. Ireland now welcomes 10% of all American visitors to Europe — particularly noteworthy given the intense competition from other destinations. We have also seen continued growth from Britain, mainland Europe, and our long-haul markets. And it is particularly encouraging that we’ve seen an 8.3% growth in overseas visitors in the month of January alone.’’