Lufthansa upgrades Miles & More

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Lufthansa has upgraded its Miles & More frequent flyer program to offer status members extra benefits, including lounge vouchers and e-vouchers for upgrades.

Known as “Miles & More Selections”, the new component is designed to make flying with participating airlines more attractive, even once members have attained a given status, and to reward them for continued loyalty.

There are three tiers available in the Miles & More program:

– Members who receive 35,000 status miles, or 30 scheduled flights, attain Frequent Traveller status
– Those who clock up 100,000 status miles per year earn Senator status
– The top level is the HON Circle status — valid for two years, it is for members who have accured 600,000 HON Circle miles in two successive calendar years.

Select benefits are available for each status. For example, all status customers can get Lufthansa Worldshop discount vouchers worth up to €100 (£80), or vouchers to visit a Lufthansa business or senator lounge. Senators and HON Circle members will also be able to receive electronic vouchers entitling them to upgrade to the next highest travel class.

In order to enjoy the benefits, members have to reach certain milestones. Select Miles are credited for flights in all travel classes with Lufthansa and its Miles & More airline partners.

For each Status Mile, travellers will receive one Select Mile plus a 25 per cent executive bonus. Both Status Miles and Select Miles reset at the start of each calendar year.