Nearly three-quarters of Americans are planning to take a summer break

Nearly three-quarters of Americans are planning to take a summer break and many will be heading to the beach, the most popular getaway destination, according to a report released on Thursday May 2 by online travel company Orbitz.

Historical and cultural tours are the next most popular option, followed by cruises, Orbitz said.

With their balmy climates, Orlando, Las Vegas and Cancun are the top three summer destinations, along with Los Angeles, Honolulu and Maui, which were among the ten most popular destinations.

Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Denver also made the list.

“With the economy continuing to rebound, we’re seeing consumers move away from settling on a shorter summer road trip and thinking more about that big vacation to someplace like Cancun,” said Jeanenne Tornatore, senior travel editor for Orbitz, which based its results on flight and hotel bookings.

Tornatore said airfares have also dipped since last year, making travel more appealing.

The cost of flights to all of the top destinations, except for Cancun, have fallen, according to Orbitz. The drop ranged from less than one percent for Orlando to 14 percent for Denver.

An Orbitz poll of 750 adults showed that three-quarters of travellers plan to keep their budget below USD$2,500.

In addition to finding cheaper flights, 11 percent of consumers said they would consider shortening their vacation and 34 percent would eat some meals in their room, rather than a restaurant, to save money.