Norwegian Air suffers more technical problems on its two Boeing 787s

Norwegian Air Shuttle suffered fresh technical problems with both its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners on Sunday Sept. 22, the airline said, in another set of issues to hit the jet.

One of the planes remained grounded in Oslo on Monday due to problems with the oxygen supply to the cockpit and that technicians are working to fix the problem, according to Norwegian Air spokeswoman Aasa Larsson.

A valve had been repaired on the second plane on Sunday, and the delayed flight eventually left Oslo for New York.

Technical problems have forced Norwegian Air to ground the brand new 787-8 jets several times in recent weeks, due to problems with brakes, hydraulic pumps and power issues.

Norwegian currently operates two 787s but lost the use of both several times in the past weeks due to unrelated problems and had to lease Airbus A340s on short notice.

One Dreamliner was stuck in Stockholm for five days because of a brake problem while the other was grounded in Oslo over the weekend because it would not receive power on the ground, requiring new parts, the airline said.