Pay your taxes with a travel rewards card?

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Should You Pay Your Taxes With a Travel Rewards Card?

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Pay your taxes and earn a vacation? It could happen. The Points Guy analyzes some of the different ways to pay your taxes and what type of cards provide the best offers. If you use a travel rewards card, you could rack up some mileage points with a big payment to the IRS.

“Just as with any other charge, you can earn rewards for your tax payments. However, there aren’t any cards that offer bonuses for these types of payments,” writes Jason Steele for the Points Guy.

Steele also notes that, while there are fees associated with paying by credit card, the value of the rewards earned is usually more than the fee.

In addition to earning points, you can also use this as a way to meet card spending thresholds.

“Many credit cards offer benefits once you reach a particular spending threshold. These might be based on the calendar year, or your cardmember anniversary, and in either case making large tax payments could help you to earn these rewards,” writes Steele.

Two cards in the travel space use these spending thresholds, United Mileage Plus Explorer Card and the JetBlue Plus Card.

There are other bonuses that you can take advantage of, says Steele, such as the possibility that annual fees may be waived with larges charges and more.