Pilatus to stop the production of PC-6

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The single engine Pilatus Porter PC-6 is to cease manufacture having been produced in Stans (Switzerland) without interruption since 1959. With a maximum of 10 passengers, and normally a pilot flying solo, the aircraft has performed in a variety of roles, in scheduled services, utility work and for the military.

The PC-6 is one of the world’s longest-running production runs in the history of aviation. That will come to an end in early 2019 when manufacturing will cease. Support will be provided to existing customers for the next 20 years at least, thereby ensuring reliable ongoing PC-6 operations. Pilatus has produced a total of 500 PC-6s at Stans with just under 100 machines assembled in the US under license.

Pilatus says that as its new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet gets ready for certification later this year, all its resources are needed for the new product. The company is said to have a “very heathy” but undisclosed order book. Pilatus will accept orders for the PC-6 latest until mid-2018. The PC12 continues in production.