Seven things to do in New Providence Island, Bahamas

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7 Cool Things To Do in New Providence Island, Bahamas

PHOTO: Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas aerial view (photo courtesy of Breezes Resort & Spa)

One of the most romantic days of the year is fast approaching and we have to ask, ‘what are you doing to celebrate your love?’ How about escaping it all and taking your dearest on a trip to the beautiful island of New Providence in the Bahamas for Valentine’s Day, or pretty much any day of the year.

This island is the largest in the Bahamas and most well-known, albeit because of the capital city of Nassau, to which people most commonly refer to it by.

However you slice it, it’s all about the water, fun in the sun and some private cuddle time.

While you are there, here are seven of the coolest things you can both do:

Dinner for Two: You, your loved one and a beautiful beach all to yourself. Isn’t that the dream? Add in a delectable dinner and your night becomes magical. Enjoy a private dining experience for two under the stars at Super Clubs Breezes Resort & Spa in the Bahamas where you’ll be pampered with personalized service and an exquisite menu for you to choose from.

Blue Lagoon Island: It’s exactly how it sounds – soothing blue waters waiting for you to just dive right in. Try one of their many water sports that are available, such as paddle boarding, snorkeling and, if you can imagine it, underwater scooters where you can swim along just like one of the fish. While you’re at Blue Lagoon Island, otherwise known as Salt Cay, sign up for a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close-and-personal encounter with sea lions and dolphins. If you would prefer to explore the beach, hop aboard a Segway and discover the island and its native flora and fauna.

John Watling’s Distillery: When it’s time to just sit down and throw one back, head over to John Watling’s Distillery. Home to their own “Spirit of the Bahamas” rum, there are complimentary tours of the home, called the Buena Vista Estate, which was founded in 1789, and, of course, rum for you to bring home.

Fort Fincastle: This is an interesting old fort, built in 1793, that offers great views of Nassau when you get to the top. These views made it perfect for use as a lighthouse and signal station. It was named after British captain Lord Dunmore and Viscount Fincastle who wanted to keep the residents safe from pirates. You can also see The Queen’s Staircase from here.

The Queen’s Staircase: You wouldn’t think that a staircase could be so riveting, but you have probably never been to one with such a great historical story behind it. The Queen’s Staircase, otherwise known as 66 steps, is located at the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex and is free to visit. It was named after Queen Victoria, who reigned Britain for 64 years, and the steps were made by slaves out of solid limestone rock. The slaves were honoring the Queen’s help in abolishing slavery.

Graycliff Cigar Company: Love a good stogie? Look no farther. Head over to the Graycliff Cigar Company, which began its cigar production in 1997. Here you can see the masters roll them by hand. While you are there, take a cigar rolling lesson and or a cigar-and-rum pairing session.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre: It’s the only zoo in the Bahamas, designed in 1937. Today, it is home to more than 135 animals, especially its famous long-legged flamingo and three Bahamian boa constrictors, a native species to The Bahamas. Three times a day you can watch the flock of flamingoes dance their dance. You can also feed the colorful Lories.