Seven wacky hotels you must visit

7 Wild, Weird, and Wacky Hotels You Must Visit

PHOTO: Why yes, this room is made of ice. 

When you’re vacationing, forget staying at the traditional, ordinary hotels. Instead, try one of these wild, weird and wacky hotels and step (or sleep) out of your comfort zone

Marmara Antalya – Turkey: This hotel is not for those who are prone to dizzy spells or vertigo. That’s because this hotels spins! It is a 24-room loft that makes multiple 360-degree turns a day, allowing for a constantly changing view of the surrounding area of Antalya. If you’re up for a hotel that is never standing still, then this one is for you.

Jules Underwater Lodge – Florida: If the name didn’t give it away for you, this hotel is actually underwater. In fact, it was the first underwater hotel. You must take a 3-hour scuba course if you are an uncertified diver, and you must dive 21 feet to even get into the entrance of the hotel. Once you’re in, you can finally sleep with the fishes.

Golden Crown Levin Inglut – Finland: Have you ever dreamed about seeing the Northern Lights? If you have, you might want to check out this hotel. The Golden Crown Levin Inglut accommodates guests in a glass igloo, which is heated to prevent frosting. There is also a bath, kitchen, and outside hot tub to allow you to view the lights from the outside if you wish.

Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica: I’m sure at one point in your life, you’ve thought “Hey, I really would love to sleep in an upcycled 1965 Boeing 727.” Okay, maybe you haven’t thought exactly that, but at least the Hotel Costa Verde will give you the option. The plane stands on 50-foot-tall supports to allow you to stay in the bedrooms built within it. So you can finally live out your dream of staying in a Boeing.

Icehotel – Sweden: Again, the name might have given this one away also, but this hotel in Sweden is made entirely of ice. It is melted and reconstructed each year, so no two visits to this hotel are never exactly the same. Rooms are kept at -5 degrees Celsius, and guests are provided with thermal boots, a hefty sleeping bag, and a reindeer pelt. There are also many winter-themed activities for guests to enjoy, such as husky sledding and skiing.

Palacio de Sal – Bolivia: It’s usually assumed that you shouldn’t lick the walls of your hotel room, but the owners of this hotel have to specifically ask their guests not to. That’s because the Palacio de Sal is made of salt! Basically everything except the roof and the toilets in the entire hotel are made of salt. And, of course, they have a specialty of salt chicken on their menu.

Hang Nga Guesthouse – Vietnam: The outside appearance of this strange hotel will help you to understand why it’s often called the “Crazy Hotel.” The concrete outside looks like a strange tree, with spider webs and mushroom that make you feel as though you’re in Alice’s Wonderland. The rooms are also each individually designed after animals or something as odd as termites. Choose wisely.