Survey reveals most expensive car rental cities in United States

Survey Reveals Most Expensive Car Rental Cities in United States

Photo Credit: National Car Rental

A new survey from has revealed that the most expensive city in the United States to rent a car this summer is Philadelphia.

The survey compared the 50 top destinations in the U.S. based on their car rental rates during the month of August 2016. At the top of that list is the City of Brotherly Love, which averaged a cost of $83 per rental day for the cheapest car available.

Popular tourist destinations Seattle and Boston are also among the three most-expensive cities for car rentals, with average rates of $81 and $80, respectively. Chicago and Detroit round out the top-five most expensive cities, with car rental averages reaching $73 and $71, respectively.

In terms of the cheapest cities to rent a car, found that Orlando’s average rate was only $26 per rental day. Overall, Florida is a very cheap destination for car rentals, as cities like Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale have an average rate of $30 per day.

Here are the 10 most expensive U.S. car rental destinations, via

1. Philadelphia $83

2. Seattle $81

3. Boston $80

4. Chicago $73

5. Detroit $71

6. Portland $69

7. Cincinnati $67

8. Indianapolis $61

9. Denver $61

10. Cleveland $60

For a full list of the top 50 destinations, check out the official website.