Sydney welcomes very first astrological hotel

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Ultimo HotelSydney has opened the doors of Ultimo Hotel that is the very first astrological hotel of the entire world. This luxurious hotel is enriched with the utilization of celestial objects to enable guests gain a greater insight into human affairs. It is being launched by 8 Hotels.

As soon as guests enter this hotel, they would be welcomed with features all exclusive to their star sign.

For instance, their room would include a quote from a celebrity who might share the zodiac sign of the guest. Furthermore, the guests would also be entitled to daily horoscopes with their newspapers, slippers that compliment his zodiac signs and even the ‘Do not Disturb’ signs would be customized so as to suit any of the twelve options.

The hotel is however, definitely not a representation of typical stereotypes.

Scott Harley who is the general manager of the hotel has stated that immense care was invested to ensure that the hotel dons on a unique look based on this 6,000-year-old philosophy.

The hotel authorities have made sure that the front-of-the-house staff get to know the star sign of visitor.

Accordingly, the things and facilities of the hotel would be inspired by the individualistic needs of the guest as suggested by the person’s zodiac.

Mr. Hartley said that it would indeed be quite a unique experience for guests. The hotel has also entered into a partnership with Damian Rocks who is the founder of Stars Like You to come up with astrology packages. Mr. Rocks is capable of designing stars that take into account the time and location of a person’s birth to derive an idea about the celestial ambiance at that point of time and utilize the information to discover the personalities and tastes of people.