Ten Gilmore Girls film locations diehard fans need to visit

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Top 10 Gilmore Girls Film Locations Diehard Fans Need to Visit

PHOTO: Gilmore Girls returns, mandating an epic road trip.

So you’ve binged watched every last morsel of “Gilmore Girls,” including a few showings of Netflix’s “A Year in the Life” reprisal.

And so you sit, astonished at how much couch time one person could actually log in a lifetime. Well, it’s time to stretch the legs and travel. And we have the perfect destinations for fans of the hit show that just recently celebrated a return with a streaming iteration on Netflix.

First, we stop over at one gorgeous locale that will soothe, relax and inspire.

No. 1: The Mayflower Inn (Washington Depot, Connecticut):

Much like visiting The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado means enjoying the inspiration of Stephen King’s “The Shining,” so to will you be lazing about in comfort at an inspiring locale when you kick your feet up at The Mayflower Grace.

As multiple reports state, Amy Sherman-Palladino received inspiration when staying at this gorgeous place and you may very well too.

No. 2: The Ebell:

The Ebell has featured at various points in the series, including in Season 2 during the episode “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore,” as well as in the winter episode of the 2016 Netflix revival.

As others have noted, Ebell is a private club. So unless you are filming that next great Hollywood production then you will have to just see a concert or performance at the Wilshire Ebell Theater.

No. 3: Southern California Colleges:

Good luck finding all the spots Lorelai enjoyed at Yale, because you will need to log some Los Angeles miles on the freeway to see some of them.

As others have noted, the Gilmore universe has featured stops at USC and, according to Wikipedia, Claremont’s Pomona College.

The former will have you near some amazing places near downtown Los Angeles while the latter will have you, just a 20-minute drive away, in a suburban college setting the family will love.

No. 4: Ogunquit, ME:

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There is a lot to love about this area outside its relation to the hit show. However, TravelPulse’s Christine Bord does a wonderful job introducing us to Sally Struthers’ (plays Babette on the show) tie to the area as well as the importance of visiting Barnacle Billy’sv – a Lorelai travel tip.

Now as for this amazing lobster stop, be warned that it closes during the offseason. So plan your road trip for April 7, which is when the lobster and clam chowder begin flowing freely.

No. 5: Greystone Mansion:

Whether you are in the mood to stroll amid opulence or just relive moments at Chilton, Rory’s posh school, you are well taken care of at Greystone Mansion – located in Beverly Hills.

Used as Chilton’s setting, this Beverly Hills mainstay is far more welcoming than you might think. The park that surrounds the ground is open for you to amble about as you engage in quick-witted conversation with your travel mates.

No. 6: Washington, Connecticut:

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As we mentioned above, there is a lot to love about a relatively tiny place. Roadtrippers explains that there is far more inspiration to be found in the area beyond the lavish inn.

In particular, there are two places that helped to inspire parts of the show: Marty’s Café and Hickory Stick Bookshop.

The former could be an alternate universe’s Luke’s while the latter is the real-life version of Star Hollow Books.

No. 7: Burbank Town Center:

If you have a hankering for some junk food in a Gilmore mall setting, then head to the Burbank Town Center, which is where many a Lorelai and Rory exchange took place, according to LA Weekly.

The publication also reminds that showrunners opted to use the wonderfully picturesque

Brookfield Farms in Thousand Oaks. However, you will need to plan on shooting something if you want to procure a look at that scenic place.

Malibu Creek State Park:

As ItsFilmedThere.com explains, you have another awesome stop to enjoy in the Los Angeles area in the form of this state park.

You are already in the absolutely stunning Malibu, so you might as well make like Lorelai and take a hike.

Griffith Park:

By now you may sense a trend. If you want to enjoy places in the show not in Stars Hollow then you better make your way to Los Angeles. While our next entry handles a great deal of the main setting, this particular location is good for fans as well as those who just want to see an amazing slice of Los Angeles.

As LA Weekly reminds, Lorelai and Rory stop at Haden’s Nut House while a certain wedding looms in the near future. That scene was filmed at Griffith Park, a place that is perfect for a picnic, hike or day at the zoo or observatory.

No. 10: Warner Bros. Studio Tour:

Last, and certainly most resplendent, is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The lot features prolifically throughout the series, taking place heavily along the studio’s charming Midwest Street.

The entire place is filled with nods to iconic films and shows, but you will be happy to know places like Luke’s Diner, Doosie’s Market, the high school, gazebo area and even Secret Bar were filmed on sets here.

And taking a tour will get you a wonderful vantage of many of them. http://www.travelpulse.com/