The London black cab ordering app GetTaxi launches new service

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GetTaxi, the black cab ordering app, has launched a brand new service where passengers can book black cabs to the airport and take advantage of fixed fares.  The average journey is claimed to be between 8-10% cheaper than typical private hire rates and passengers will also be reassured by drivers who can navigate their way round the capital using ‘the knowledge’ and use the bus lanes.

The scheme is the result of GetTaxi holding successful talks with the Hackney Carriage Drivers Committee to agree on fixed fares for all five airports that serve Greater London.

For example, a typical journey from the center of London (WC1 postal code) to Heathrow airport would cost £60.80 compared with £65.80, by the biggest mini cab companies.

The GetTaxi app, identifies the passenger’s location and sends a signal out to the nearest available black cab bringing it straight to them, which significantly cuts down waiting times.  Features include radar functionality so users can see exactly how far away the cab is, as well as full driver information including their number plate, phone number and picture.  Passengers not only have the choice of being able to instantly book and also pre-book and can pay with cash or credit card.