Things To Do in Budapest

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As being one of the top destinations in Europe, the capital of Hungary has a lot to provide a unique experience for tourists. Historic areas, delicious food, friendly locals and an amazing view of Danube River…   Because there is a lot to see in this beautiful city, you are advised to spend at least three days to fully enjoy your vacation from every angle. Here is a list of things to do in Budapest for having no regrets after your trip. 😉

Discover Cafes&Pubs

Budapest is home to plenty of cafes and pubs that have unique attributes.  These places are great breakpoints that tremendously increase the value of your journey. These are the 3 places you should definitely add to your list:

Szimpla Kert

After  Second World War Hungary had the effects of communism for a short term.  In these times there started to be a concept of ruin bars: bohemian bars equipped with wreck items. Szimpla Kert is the first example of this concept and the most famous one with the colorful atmosphere inside. It is located in Jewish District(7th District) where you can also visit other ruin bars, restaurants and enjoy some street food.

New York Cafe

”The Most Beautiful Cafe in the World.” With having such an assertive motto, New York Cafe has a magnificent ambiance looking like a royal palace.  In addition to high-quality coffee, they also serve a wide range of desserts that you shouldn’t leave the place without trying one.

For Sale Pub

It is quite like a bohemian pub with lots of notes people left around. While you enjoy your drink, it is fun to read some of the notes at the same time. Another unique feature of this pub is pretty awkward… They serve peanuts all the time and ask customers to leave the peanut hull around the floor. 🙂

Experience Thermal Pools

Being able to swim outside in cold weather? Sounds great right? This is what you can do in Budapest thanks to the plenty amount of thermal pools. Either indoor or outdoor, it is a great experience while you can enjoy your cocktail at the same time. Szchenyi Bath,108 years old, is among the best ones with pretty architecture.

Walk Across Beautiful Bridges

The are many bridges that link Buda and Pest sides of the city and all of them have a crosswalk. The most important one is called Lanchid(Chain Bridge) and it is very easy to be captivated by the view as you walk over the bridge. Walking over the bridge is a great opportunity to have a shining photo album.

Explore Magnificent Hills

View from Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill and Castle Hill are the best places to enjoy the view of Budapest. You will be able to see a major part of the city as well as all the bridges over Danube River. In addition to this, you can easily visit some city attractions as Fisherman’s Basiton, Matthias Church, Liberty Statue and Royal Palace which are located on those hills.


Experiencing traditional food is one of the essential parts of a tourist’s journey. When the topic is about Hungarian Cuisine there is two famous food that can be find in every corner of the city.


As the most popular soup in Hungary, Goulash mainly contains a chunk of beef, patatoes, lots of paprika, vegetables and spices.  It is very tasty soup with a combination of simple ingredients.

Lángos (Fried Dough) 

It is a sheet of fried dough that is covered with sour cream and cheese most frequently. There are other common toppings include ham, sausage or garlic sauce.

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