Top holiday gifts for diehard travelers, part 2

Top Holiday Gifts for Diehard Travelers: Part Two

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock. All other photos courtesy those featured.

From essential to garnish, these holiday gifts help those special travelers on your shopping list celebrate a world of discovery and style long after the holiday season passes. For availability and prices, refer to each product’s website.

1) MOVA Globes

Nothing says “You mean the world to me” quite like a MOVA Mini by MOVA Creations. Enhancing home and office decor with its universal appeal, the MOVA Mini collection appeals with a choice of seven themes ranging from an ultra-romantic heart-marked globe to Vincent Van Gogh’s legendary masterpiece “Starry Nights.” Each is packaged with a small, sleek base for showcasing in any interior setting.

MOVA Minis are petite spin-offs of the company’s original MOVA Globe that twists the traditional world map concept to celebrate space, art, sports and special moments. Assembled by hand and designed by talents that include fine-art painters and specialized globe artists, MOVA Globes reflect accurate recreations via 3D imaging, printing that elevates upscale style, and rotation that delivers a peaceful and elegant vibe.

Resting discreetly within each MOVA product is a motion mechanism of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components that drive a continuous rotation free of batteries and power cords.

Featuring a similar light-powered globe suspended in a cube, MOVA Cubes create continuous rotation through a complex mixture of fluids that keep the globe symmetrical to all sides of its housing.

Consider this collection’s options perfect for those gravitating to eco-conscious design, sustainable technology and high-quality components.

2) UncommonGreen’s Island Maps Glassware

Our lives are filled with great adventures, inspiring milestones and moments of celebration. Whether it’s a destination, accomplishment or simply an extremely pleasant memory, we all hold the places where life happens close to our hearts. And that’s especially true with avid travelers.

From the Hawaiian Islands to the Florida Keys, UncommonGreen’s Island Maps Glassware puts happy memories at your fingertips. Considered a visionary in the barware industry, the Boston-based company specializes in transforming the conventional drinking glass into a smile-inducing experience through the art of engraving.

“These glasses are no ordinary travel souvenirs. They are timeless pieces of functional art that bring you back to all the places you love as you sip and savor your favorite beverages,” says Neil Angis, UncommonGreen’s marketing director.  With a wide variety of glass types and destinations all over the U.S. and the world available, there is literally something for everyone.

In the etched Maps Barware collection, glassware is engraved from top to bottom with

maps of city streets, mountain topography and island coastlines of top destinations across the globe. These gifts spark those on your gift list to celebrate great memories via uniquely crafted rocks, pints, wine glasses, mason jars, coffee mugs and carafe glass styles.

No doubt, it’s a great way to add even more “spirits” to the season.

3) Pan Am: History, Design & Identity

Pan Am¹s famous blue globe jet-age logo has remained an icon long after the airlines 1991 demise.

Chronicling a captivating chapter in the cultural history of 20th century America and in the history of travel, Pan Am: History, Design & Identity is a large format 432-page book (9.2” x 12.2”) transporting travel history buffs on a journey into the daring world of early air travel. Topics include the first crossings of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, investigations of commercial aviation during World War II and the thrills of the jet age.

Plugging into the latest printing techniques, the Standard Edition features crisp reproduction of even the smallest of details of its numerous illustrations and images that were reproduced and digitally restored true to the originals whenever possible.

For a more decadent version, a larger and more sophisticated Premium Edition of Pan Am: History, Design & Identity will be released just in time for Christmas. Packaged in a collector¹s case handcrafted and designed in Berlin, it contains additional images, plus Pantone colors and finishes not included in the already impressive Standard Edition.

4) In Blue Handmade Travel Journals & Luggage Tags

Located in a converted warehouse studio space in Asheville, NC, In Blue Handmade hand-made leather products take travel accessories to a stylish level. Exquisite travel journals and luggage tags can be personalized for an added touch of class.

The process begins with top grain cowhides. Perfect for a travel journal, songwriter’s notebook, artist’s sketchbook or even just a place to jot down lists, each journal is cut, sewn and riveted with care. Leather strap wraps safely bind journal contents in place.

Those on your list can mark their luggage with bag tags made of durable distressed leather. Sturdy eyelets reinforce the tie-on, and there’s an opening at the top for easily inserting a business card.

5) Plane Clever

Offering curious facts and insights into every aspect of flying, Christopher Bartlett’s Plane Clever is part “smart flying guide” and part aviation dictionary. In that process, it revs engines up for everyone from would-be pilots to those who sweat bullets at the very thought of next stepping on a plane.

With his passions for both aviation and global travel, Bartlett has amassed and complied a bevy of facts, tips and advice. “In the first part of the book, readers will learn about every aspect of their trip, including booking, airport procedures, aircraft and boarding, take off/landing, technical matters and so on,” says Bartlett.

He adds that the second part of Plane Clever provides fascinating insight into how planes fly, how people fly them, how air navigation works and Air Traffic Control procedures. “This is vital reading for anyone who frequently deals with aviation in their personal/professional life, or for those with big dreams of flying for a living,” Bartlett says.

6) Proton World Time Watch

As the world “shrinks” and more people than ever need to stay in touch regardless of where they are, the REACTOR Proton World Time Watch makes it easier than ever to know the time anywhere with a simple twist of the world time bezel.

Leisure and business travelers can simply set the watch to local time and then align the closest major city with the hour hand on the dial. The local time in any time zone can then be read off the bezel. The numbers next to the cities listed on the bezel represent the positive offset from GMT time. Plus there’s a red asterisk to indicate a city that does not follow daylight savings time.

The watch is available in three styles – a sleek 316L solid stainless steel bracelet with a bright blue or black dial, and a two-tone IP yellow gold and 316L stainless steel bracelet with a navy dial. Each carries a 200-meter watertight rating, making it stylish enough for an elegant dinner and durable enough to wear to the beach.

Built on the REACTOR DNA platform, the watch has recently become available with the company’s patented Never Dark illumination technology combining the intense brightness of Superluminova with the multi-year longevity of tritium for optimal illumination under all lighting conditions.