The Art of Travel: Baggage & Carry-on Advice
by Dr. Todd Curtis (Author), Aram Gesar (Editor)

“The Art of Travel” series will be featuring original articles as well as a compilation of other articles gathered from our travel websites and newsletters. The eBooks are filled with tips and advice and provide global travelers with everything they need to know before, during and after a voyage.

The first title in the series is “Baggage and Carry-on Advice” based on a collection of articles by international travel safety and security expert Dr. Todd Curtis of He found that one of the biggest, most frequent and common frustrations amongst passengers revolves around their baggage. Whether it’s concerning what is allowed or prohibited on the aircraft, what type of baggage fee may or may not apply, whether the luggage actually arrives or not, there are way too many rules and regulations for passengers to remember. We think you will find these eBooks extremely useful, helpful and an invaluable reference guide.

eFormats available: Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket and Apple iPhone, iPad, iBook, Android, Barnes & Noble Nook, and most eReaders.
ISBN 0944188281 USD 9.99