The Tskuji fish market in Tokyo

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What to Eat in Japan

PHOTO: Make sure to stop in at the Tsukiji Fish Market when in Tokyo. 

Tokyo holds more Michelin stars than any other city, so if you are heading to the Japanese capital, get ready to eat. Thankfully, Escape has some suggestions for the best dining experiences in Japan.

One place to start is markets and food halls where you can admire where Japanese cuisine gets its start. Tskuji Fish Market in Tokyo is a good place to start.

“The rush, the aromas, the fishmongers – Tsukiji’s outer stalls stimulate the senses,” writes Marina Kay.

Even fast food is a wonder in Japan so if you are hankering for a snack, stop into a 7-11 or hit up a fancy vending machine for a delicious bite.

“Vending machines abound on subway stations, at temples, by museums, and satisfy sudden urges for cold black coffee, peach-flavoured water, miso soup and even sake,” notes Kay.

Noodles are a definite must. For soba, Takayama’s Ebisu Soba where the Alpine water gives the noodles a special flavor.

“Inside the wood-slatted restaurant, guests can dine on the handmade noodles, served hot or cold, atop tatami mats overlooking a lush courtyard garden,” says Kay.