Turkish Airlines and Dubai’s Emirates are no longer on US laptop ban list

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After Etihad, Turkish Airlines and Emirates are the next airlines that satisfied American security concerns and they have been exempted from a U.S. ban on laptops in airplane cabins.As both airlines tried to comply with enhanced security measures, now there are new practices implemented as the use of CT scanners to take cross-section images of passengers’ electronics just before they board airplanes heading to the U.S.

David Lapan, a Homeland Security spokesman in Washington said “Protecting the American people and raising the global baseline on aviation security remains the top priority.We will continue to closely observe operations in these airports to ensure these enhanced measures are implemented effectively and to the required levels.”

Last week, Emirates had an announcement that it had worked on implementing heightened security measures and protocols to satisfy American requirements. There was an official statement as: “We would like to express our gratitude to the U.S. and local authorities for their support and thank our customers for their understanding and patience during the last few months when the ban was in place.”

Turkish Airlines gave the news with a tweet that passengers aboard its U.S.-bound flights should “fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your own electronic devices.” During the time that the U.S. laptop ban was in place, Turkish Airlines had taken over 81,000 electronic devices away from passengers to store them in specially protected baggage.

Currently, the ban applies to nonstop U.S.-bound flights from seven international airports in countries including Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Qatar.