Virgin Atlantic adds wi-fi to its in-flight services

It has been a long time coming but Virgin Atlantic has joined the wi-fi club, certainly the first British airline. While wi-fi has been commonplace on domestic carriers, there’s been a challenge for the industry to find reliable connections over vast expanses of ocean – typically the North Atlantic. Unlike flying over Europe or the US, the signal cannot come from the ground and instead has to be transmitted to aircraft from satellites.

The airline is using a combination of two wi-fi providers across the network; customers traveling on the B787 will use wi-fi from Panasonic, while the A330s, B747s and A340-600s are powered by Gogo technology. The system is now available across the whole fleet with connectivity available above 10,000ft – that is, soon after take-off.

Virgin claims that with an entry price of just £2.99 there is a package for everyone. With partner Delta Air Lines, up to 39 flights per day across the transatlantic now offer wi-fi.