What to do when you lose your phone while traveling

What to Do When You Lose Your Cell Phone on the Road

PHOTO: Stash information on your lockscreen to help people return your lost phone.

Your cell phone is a lifeline to the world and, when you lose it, you can feel completely lost. Los Angeles Times writer Catharine Hamm has some tips for what to do if your phone has been misplaced.

“I recently found a cellphone in the women’s restroom. On the lock screen was a number to call in case it was found. I did, and the phone found its way back to its grateful owner,” writes Hamm.

So what should you do?

Retired LAPD officer and an advocate for travel safety tells the L.A. Times that travelers should “make ‘if found’ contact information visible on our personal lifelines.”

Hamm suggests putting this on the lock screen of your phone.

“You can use iPhone’s editing tools in the photo mode. You can add text (it’s hidden under the “more” symbol — the three dots in a circle — and select Markup to get text. Save the photo, then follow the directions for “Wallpaper” below),” she says.

She also took a few other key steps.

“My contact info is on my lock screen; if that’s not enough, the finder is directed to my business card, which is under the case. And I still have the pleasure of seeing those limpid blue eyes,” says Hamm. http://www.travelpulse.com/