When facial recognition becomes your Boarding Pass

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When Your Face Becomes Your Boarding Pass

PHOTO: Biometrics are being used to speed airport screening. (Photo via Flickr/NEC Corporation of America)

According to a new report in Quartz, you may never lose your boarding pass again. That is because new facial recognition technology will make your face your ticket onto the plane.

“Airports around the world are rolling out facial-recognition technology in an attempt to improve security and reduce the painful boarding process,” writes Leslie Josephs.

In fact, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport is testing the technology along with KLM at Schiphol Airport and Japan is planning to use the technology.

“Passengers must register at a kiosk near the gate to participate by scanning their passports, boarding passes, and, of course, their faces. Three-dimensional facial recognition scans measure dozens of features such as jawline and distance between the eyes,” says Josephs.

Facial recognition isn’t the only way biometric data is being used to speed the airport screening process.

“In the US, Global Entry patrons enter via booths that check people’s identities against biometric data. Private biometric screening company Clear also scans a passenger’s fingerprint or iris with speedy lanes available at 20 airports across the US, and Clear says it plans to expand to two others in the coming weeks,” Josephs notes. www.travelpulse.com