Geo-Targeting & Geofencing Travelers

Reach travelers at the right time, at the right place. Send offers + campaigns, target travelers by destination, city, airport, airline, hotel, cruise line, rail line, where they live, specific location or targeting criteria.

We provide real-time marketing with personalized ads which is proven to increase conversion rates much more than any other advertising method.

Geo Targeting & Geofencing double the performance of all kinds of marketing methods from display advertising, banners, email campaigns to paid search. It allows you to send notifications to mobile, App or WiFi users when they are in the vicinity of a specific location or business.

Lead Generation. You can also use the technology to collect valuable location data about travelers, such as how often they visit a specific location and how long they stay there. Geo Targeting is the ultimate technology for lead generation. Imagine having the ability to display your message to any shoppers device right on the competitors showroom floor! You can successfully track the number of people that went to your competitor’s location and then came to your location.

Promote your brand with our Travel Network’s new Geo-location software

Send offers + campaigns, target travelers by destination, city, airport, airline, hotel, cruise line, rail line, where they live, specific location or  targeting criteria:

  • Their interests, purchasing behavior, loyalty status
  • Travel location, mode of transport, airport, airline, hotel stay and other habits
  • Location, store, business, building, street, competitor’s location
  • Age, gender, education, language, culture
  • Occupation, job, department, type of company
  • Income, home ownership, disposable income

Reach your audience at the right time, at the right place with customized ads. Promote your products & services via mobile or web with push notification, pop-ups, banners:

  • Target travelers by destination, specific location or targeting criteria
  • When travelers are flying to/from a destination, city, airport, hotel, rail station, cruise port
  • We can target passengers at specific airports, terminals, even gates
  • When they are at the airport, airport lounge, waiting for their flight
  • When they are at the airport eating, shopping
  • When travelers are around their hotel, rail station, travel venue or attraction
  • Collect valuable data about targeted travelers and reuse it to target them with new offers

Geotargeting is the practice of delivering content to a consumer — via mobile or web — using geographic location information about that individual. At a basic level, a business can restrict its reach to consumers only located in a defined geographic area such as a state or a city. But location often provides much deeper, more meaningful and identifiable traits that tell you what a person wants, needs or is interested in.

Airports, stadiums, universities, and malls are examples of specific venues that can be targeted in order to reach specific interest groups. For example, airports on weekdays are a great source of business travelers looking for high­end restaurants, while weekends and Spring Break bring more leisure visitors and families looking for more casual dining options. These are just two examples of how venues define audiences that can be effectively targeted.

Geofencing is a marketing tactic that utilizes the device ID on a cell phone to locate and identify a target audience. Geofencing can be utilized to target competitor locations and/or locations where your target audience would be located. Once the geofence is enabled and the device IDs are collected advertisements will then be shown to those cell phones. Geo­fencing allows marketers to set a perimeter around a physical location in which ads can be delivered. It can be a circle (radius 50m to 50,000m) or a polygon around a targeted location.