“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most

intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

Strategic Analysis & Business Intel Solutions
Independent & Unbiased Intel with Data-Driven Enterprise Solutions

We have developed over the last decade very powerful tools, systems and processes to provide greater efficiency, speed and ROI for our company, partners and clients:

  • Content creation systems for a global editorial and contributor team
  • Content management systems for publishing on multiple digital platforms
  • Mapping content creation system with point of interest (POI) management
  • Content distribution systems in/out network needs
  • Advertising and marketing management systems with SEO and Geo-Targeting capabilities
  • Social media distribution and integration management systems
  • Social media management and analysis
  • Strategic and conceptual analysis
  • Market and business intelligence

Our teams are designed to reduce your costs and maximize revenue with turnkey solutions and expertise. We offer thousands of people around the world business and market intelligence software tools and services with an expert staff providing measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer behavior, likes and dislikes.

Tap our network to gain critical advantage in your daily communication and business activities. Our experienced team of international professionals plays a vital role in providing senior executives with information and data-driven analysis on the fast-changing international business climate.

Strategic & Conceptual Analysis

We provide strategic and conceptual analysis, with hands-on implementation, and full reporting, analytical processing, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide information and ideas on how the industry will shape up in the future helping our clients stay ahead of the competition, make more informed decisions and take advantage of their business opportunities.

We have built a reputation, over the last two decades and a half, by helping organizations and their employees achieve success. We provide services and research that raise the level of leadership and executive performance.

This global reach gives us unusual access to conduct regular or special reports and surveys on all aspects of air travel and air transport and related technologies.

Social Media Management & Analysis

Our Social Media Management tools are designed to reduce your costs and maximize revenue with turnkey solutions and expertise, and are ideal for any international company or organization.

“Knowledge is Profit” 

If companies are to remain competitive they must develop a social media strategy.

 The desired outcome of a social media strategy is to convert the people who are following your company or product into a paying customer.

 Whether focusing on a project for one client or managing social across dozens, our social media management solution makes it easy for your teams to manage all their client engagements from a centralized platform.

Our expertise and technologies provide historical, current and future views of how to use social media effectively. We will make sure your brand is:

  • Reaching the right audience, with the right social media platform
  • Leveraging all platforms, see time spent by users, life of content on the media
  • Using the best channels, platforms for the best ROI
  • Broadcasting the right content for social media
  • Content theme, media, platform, call to action, engagement
  • Media image, link, message, video
  • Boost engagement with proper timing, tell the right stories
  • When to use influencers, when not

We provide hard information through our services business performance and developments, plus measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer behavior, likes and dislikes.

Market & Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence expertise, talent and tech tools provide historical, current and future views of business operations. The expansive market analysis of data, surveys and reports we provide makes it the fastest, easiest and smartest way to grow your business. We track thousands of global companies and follow all major corporate products and programs with our reports, white papers and analysis not available anywhere else.

  • Solutions Designed for Specific Problem Analysis
  • Top our experience and large pool of talent
  • Surveys Online & In-person
  • Research & Data Analysis

We have built an extensive network of contacts and resources over time, and we are well versed in both US and non-US industry arenas, experienced at taking global market view and addressing complex needs in non-US environments.

We analyze current events and trends and predict their potential implications. We provide hard information through our services business performance and developments, plus measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer behavior, likes and dislikes.

We provide strategic & tactical consulting, plus advisory services to:

  • Aerospace Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Airlines & Airports
  • Travel & Tourism Trade
  • Travel Websites & Media
  • Finance & Banking, Leasing, Wealth Management

Reports & Surveys
We conduct analysis, studies, reports and surveys on a regular basis on various industry and market trends in Europe, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific:

  • Airline & Travel Services, Passenger Likes, Dislikes, Behavior, Future Trends
  • Airline & Travel Passenger Online & Mobile Use, Demographics, Geographics
  • Airline Services, Passenger Services in all Classes
  • Airline Services, Check-in/out, Lounges, In-Flight, Seating, Food
  • Airline In-flight Entertainment & Technology Systems + Features
  • Airport, Hotel, Rail, Cruise Entertainment Technology
  • Airport Services, Check-in/out, Food, Shopping, Lounges, Technology
  • Airport Security, Behavior, Trends, Technology
  • Frequent Flyer & Hotel, Car Rental Fidelity Programs
  • Travel Technology Apps & Tools for Passengers
  • Travel Technology Tools for Enterprise
  • Airline & Airport Routes & Markets
  • Airline Aircraft Fleets, Usage on Routes, Market Values

Recent Projects
We have conducted several different studies, reports, surveys and analysis:

  • Air safety study for a major insurance firm
  • Market outlook for an airplane type
  • Market outlook for aircraft parts & MRO services
  • Airline in-flight services in all classes
  • Airline aircraft seating in all classes
  • Airline aircraft values and sales trends
  • Forecast for a long-haul passenger market
  • In-depth analysis on a Latin airline for an investor
  • Business aviation market outlook for a major investment bank

For additional information or questions please contact us, or eMail us: bizintel@airguideonline.com