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Reduce Your Costs and Provide Over 500 Live TV channels
EStreamTV Entertainment: Movies, TV Shows, In;ternational TV, Music, Radio, News, Magazines, Destination Guides, Shopping, Interactive Program Guide, In-Room Media Sharing, Content On-Demand, Hotel Information.

Our new partner EStreamTV provides a fully-managed, cloud-enabled, interactive guest experience that creates a competitive advantage for each property, and establishes a revenue positive business solution by connecting your property, guests and community.

  • Free To Guest/Interactive TV Program Guide Program Highlights
  • Minimizes The Free-To-Guest Monthly Bill For Properties
  • Save Up To $9 Per Room Per Month On Your FTG
  • No Money Upfront
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • Free Interactive TV Guide
  • Over 26 International Channels
  • Over 500 Live TV Channels
  • Over 100,000 TV On Demand, and 100s of Movie Titles
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, HBO and all of the guest’s favorite Apps

EStreamTV is a Free To Guest & Interactive TV Program Guide platform that enhances the guest experience, and minimizes the Free-To-Guest monthly bill for your property. Our platform offers over 500 Live TV channels, including more than 20 international channels, 100,000 TV On Demand, and 100s of Movie Titles at a lower cost than any other cable or satellite company.









  • Our channels are delivered via our in-room set top box
  • We stream the content on a secured separate internet connection (depending on the property infrastructure) using Ethernet Over Coax
  • No servers are needed on-site for this platform
  • We provide free 24/7/365 customer service
  • We train designated staff on all aspects of the system during installation

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