Hotel WiFi & In-Room Platform

We bring customized answers to your needs, expectations and budget for your hotel guests. Our platform allow brands to offer a unique mobile experience for travelers. We have the ability to integrate and distribute our content into virtually any platform or language.

  • Works on all electronic devices: Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops, TV Screens
  • Works on any platform with browser, Website, Mobile, App
  • Works on any WiFi, Airport or Inflight IFE/C, W-IFE, InRail, InHotel, InCruise platform 
  • Website & Mobile App sharing & interaction
  • Social Media sharing & interaction available in some cases

Hotel WiFi & InHotel Room – SuitePad
SuitePad Platform Demo

The Westin Berlin
About the hotel, hotel services, room service, restaurant, concierge tips, wellness and spa, newspapers, magazines, destination guides, transportation and more…
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At Airlines Lounges & Inflight or Hotels or High-Speed Rail
Geo-Targeted Advertising – Local or Global
Social Media Network & Sponsored Content

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