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Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine, AirGuide, AirGuideBusiness, CruiseGuide content with more than 6500 news, features, special reports, reviews, advice and more. Our content is published weekly. Global Coverage: Europe, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, Asia & Pacific:

Frequent Flyer Destinations is a luxury lifestyle magazine for business and leisure travelers offers an exciting mix of content that prepares our affluent and globetrotting readers a “premium cabin” experience. The content is filled with tips and advice and provides everything global travelers need to know to make intelligent decisions before, during and after a voyage from check-in to check-out.

  • Destinations: City Info, Attractions, Things To Do, Shopping, Vacations.
  • Hotels & Resorts: For Business or Leisure, Weekend Escapes, Wellness, Spas.
  • Food & Bars: Restaurants, What To Eat Guide, All Cuisines, Food Etiquette Tips.
  • Travel Tips & Tech: Advice, Wallet-Friendly Tips, Safety & Security Tips, New Technology.
  • Airline News: In-flight Services, Seating, Food, Frequent Flyer Programs and New Routes.
  • Airport News: Airport Lounges, Terminals, Restaurants, Bars, Shopping.

AirGuideBusiness & Covers global aviation, air transport and travel business, delivering market intelligence and analysis for industry professionals.

  • Air Transport Business: Aircraft, Aircraft Supplier, Air Cargo, Space and related Technology.
  • Air Finance & Leasing: Aircraft & Airline Finance, Sales & Leasing.
  • Airline Business: Airline, Low-Cost Airline, Frequent Flyer Programs, Contracts.
  • Travel Business: Car Rental, Cruise, Rail, Hotels, Travel Safety & Security.
  • Company Watch: A to Z including companies such as American Airlines, Airbus, Boeing, Swiss, Southwest Airlines and Virgin Group.
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